Derek Rose
To help you relax in style
Performance – in your pants.
Laser Cut Maps
Made from a solid piece of stainless steel this map is precision cut to create a beautiful work of art for your home!
David Donahue
Luxury with its sleeves rolled up
American Needle Ballpark Ford Logo Casual Dad Hat, Bay Blue (FORD-1701A)
American Needle Raglan Bones NHL Mesh Strapback Hat, Pittsburgh Penguins, Black (41152A-PPN)
American Needle Ballpark Pabst Blue Ribbon Blue Beer Baseball Dad Hat (PBC-1901B-ROY)
American Needle Archive MiLB Portland Beavers Baseball Dad Hat (44747A-POB-NAVY)
MEYER Men's 2500 Bonn Modern Flat Front Fit Trouser Pants
Tokens & Icons Mercury Dime Money Clip Wallet - Black (80M-BLK)
Heritage Musical Spoons Giboulée Small Canadian Maplewood Handmade Folk Percussion Instrument
W. Kleinberg Men's Tucson American Bison with Brushed Nickel Buckle Belt
Beer Lovers Love Oktoberfest

Beer Lovers Love Oktoberfest

You don’t have to be in Germany (and it doesn’t have to be October) to enjoy the smooth, toasted-malt flavor of a full-bodied Märzen beer, but surrounding yourself with blaring oompah bands and thousands of happy, lederhosen-garbed revelers certainly helps. So, pour yourself a tall, cool one and let us share with you all we’ve learned (from the folks who should know) about the world’s most celebrated brew.

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Epic Mens’ Favorite Top Five FREE Productivity Apps

Epic Mens’ Favorite Top Five FREE Productivity Apps

Where, besides your office, did you work today - kitchen table, shuttle bus, coffee shop, park bench, anywhere you had cell service and Wi-Fi access? For most knowledge workers, the pressure to produce is constant – no matter where they are. Luckily, there’s no shortage of available productivity apps. The trick is choosing the right combination of features, convenience, compatibility and price to meet your particular needs. Here are our top five picks. All are proven time savers and better yet – all are FREE!

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Working remotely in Denver means you set the dress code:  Part of our “Young Professionals in the Workplace” Series

Working remotely in Denver means you set the dress code: Part of our “Young Professionals in the Workplace” Series

Over the years, Epic Mens has devoted a considerable amount of editorial space to bringing you the latest news from our premium menswear brands. Now, we’re turning the tables. We want to hear how you and your fashion-forward brethren across the country are styling both classic and trendier pieces to suit your workday needs. This month, Denver marketing professional Ryan Kennedy let us in on a little secret. If you’re smart enough – and lucky enough – to land a job where you work from home, you can wear whatever you want.

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