RAFFI, the American fashion brand crafted from equal parts comfort and luxury, is a family-run company embodying progressive and sophisticated design, incorporating fine quality materials and exceptional details. Distributed to discerning men and women at the best clothing stores across the globe, the brand is the preeminent craftsman of knits, sweaters, sportswear, accessories and home goods. Often referred to as “the first family of cashmere,” the Shaya clan has established a success story spanning four decades and two generations of both men’s and women’s fashion. Under Raffi Shaya’s leadership, the RAFFI name has been on the forefront of style and innovation since its inception, maintaining itself as a strategic resource for the finest stores in the world. 

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Raffi Men’s Classic Pullover V-Neck Sweater 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool
Raffi Men’s Short Sleeve Premium Crew Neck Tee Shirt 100% Aqua Cotton, The Lafayette
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