Heritage Musical Spoons

Richard Cyr has been creating authentically Canadian, handmade Heritage Musical Spoons in Québec City since 1997. As the owner and devoted craftsman, he uses only the best Canadian maple to shape his exclusive designs. His musical spoons deliver a heart-warming musical tone, for years and years. Musical spoons have been part of Canada’s history for centuries. They are a living part of our collective heritage, a connection to our cultural and musical past. They add rhythm to folk music, life to a party, fun to festivals, and make a memorable gift or souvenir for any age. Musical spoons have been played as percussion instruments since antiquity, gaining special prominence in Irish and Celtic music. With generations of immigration, musical spoons have taken up an important role in many local cultures, especially French Canadian, where musical spoons and foot tapping provide the main percussion in traditional "rigodons," "gigues" (jigs) and reels.

Heritage Musical Spoons
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Heritage Musical Spoons Giboulée Small Canadian Maplewood Handmade Folk Percussion Instrument
Heritage Musical Spoons Large Canadian Maplewood Handmade Folk Percussion Instrument
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