Environmental innovators, Indosole has dedicated the last 10 years to being the environmental keepers of the future. They merged artisan skill with corrective impact, developing a laborious shoemaking process that transforms tires to soles by hand. Through this analog technology and circular thinking they were able to save over 80K+ tires from landfills but looking at the exponential rate of industrial world waste, they realized they had to up their game. Indosole sets out to prevent the environmental hiccup of the future. A breakthrough technology was needed that could address mass scale. Indosole aspired to double growth while significantly reducing global negative impact.
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Indosole 2022 Edition Men's ESSNTLS Vegan All-Terrain Slides, Improved Comfort [Reused Tire Sole, Natural Rubber Footbed, Arch Support, Microfiber Lined ENVRO Strap, Waterproof]
Indosole Men's ESSNTLS Vegan Flip Flops
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