Left Coast Tee Classic Fit Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee Shirt (M18-P)

$ 82.50
SKU: M1801-L

Being one step ahead of the game is something that only few can achieve. Left Coast Tee is there for the style pioneers who are always looking forward, looking for that next best thing. Made with 100% handpicked Peruvian Pima Cotton, the Left Coast Tee looks great with jeans or a suit. Push the limits and dare to be different, Left Coast Tee is behind you. Reign the moment with this classic fit long sleeve crew neck tee shirt, the rich long fitting element to your perfectly dressed attire. This long sleeve crew neck tee shirt is designed for royalty; it's time to give yourself the crown. Sizing information: Small (34-36" Chest); Medium (38-40" Chest); Large (42-44" Chest); XL (46-48" Chest); XXL (50-52" Chest).

  • This long sleeve luxury crew neck tee and every Left Coast Tee is the modern upscale revival of the American tradition of the T-shirt, re-envisioned with the best materials and designs in the world. Starting with the fabric, only 100% handpicked Peruvian Pima cotton is used for these rich and deluxe Tee's. Peruvian Pima cotton gives you not only the most breathable experience, but also the most luxurious, smooth, and durable experience.
  • Continuing with the passion to give you comfort, Left Coast Tee's neckline's are layered using Peruvian Pima cotton stripe taping, leaving all thoughts of discomfort behind along with all your old T-shirts. Left Coast Tee is a tee shirt you can leave your old ones for.
  • Left Coast Tee's are made to wear for any environment. Leave your Left Coast Tee untucked while remaining cool and sophisticated, or tuck in your tee and combine with a suit to transform yourself into the perfect gentleman fit for any high-class situation. Thanks to the signature straight bottom with side vents, anything and any look is possible.
  • This long sleeve tee features a slightly higher crew neck, offering more material for the times when you add a button up dress shirt and want to keep your Left Coast Tee out and proud. After all these tees are the best thing to happen to men's fashion, so take credit for being the awesome fashion pioneer that you are.
  • Left Coast Tee is dedicated to always bring the best, high-quality, affordable, and fashionable luxury tee shirts. Wearing any Left Coast Tee shows and enhances your best qualities, giving you a timeless and successful look. To be the best you must wear the best.
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