Marcoliani Milano Men’s Socks Redefine Comfort

Marcoliani Milano Men’s Socks Redefine Comfort



Are your aching feet telling you it’s time for a little R&R? If a hectic schedule is wearing on you, Epic Mens might be able to help. Expertly crafted in Northern Italy, our new Marcoliani Milano luxury men’s dress socks gently wrap your hardworking feet in pure, unadulterated comfort, soothing your tired arches, heels, and ankles with every step. In fact, the brand’s potent messaging encourages devotees to close their eyes, wiggle their toes and imagine themselves strolling along the banks of beautiful Lake Como or sipping an afternoon aperitivo at an outdoor café on the Piazza del Duomo. So, take heart. If you can’t get to Italy, Marcoliani Milano will bring a little bit of Italy to you.


It was on the outskirts of Milan, 70 years ago, that this now global brand got its start. In the years following WWII, family patriarch Giuseppe Gatti augmented his salary at a local sock factory by breeding silk worms in his attic and selling the cocoons to nearby silk mills. Eventually, he launched his own sock line aptly named Calzificio Italiano (translation Italian hosiery factory). Then in the 1980s, Gatti’s three children stepped in to take over the family business, eventually spinning off their own premium sock brand, which they called Marcoliani Milano after an old family friend. Today, the trio personally oversees all aspects of design and production, as well as sales and marketing. Eschewing the temptation to cut costs by relocating offshore, the siblings instead have opted to remain close to their roots. From their unique vantage point in the heart of Italy’s Lombardy Region, Erminia, Carlo, and Paolo Gatti have been able to imbue their brand with both the impeccable style and sophistication of Milan’s fashion houses and the casual elegance of Lake Como’s pampered living.


Today, Marcoliani Milano men’s socks can be spotted on the pages of iconic fashion publications, such as Vogue Italia and Max Italia, as well as on the shelves of exclusive department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and Harry Rosen Inc. The brand’s enviable success in the prêt à porter (ready-to-wear) luxury sock arena results from an unwavering commitment to timeless craftsmanship and continual innovation. Marcoliani Milano’s over-the-calf, mid-calf, and invisible men’s socks are woven from only top-grade yarns, including two- and three-ply Peruvian Pima Cottons, extra-fine Merino Wools, and interwoven silk-cashmere knits.  Chosen for their unparalleled comfort, each of these materials brings something special to the table. Pima Cotton’s extra-long fibers produce a weave that’s both lightweight and durable. Merino Wool is prized for its extraordinary insulating qualities. And Marcoliani Milano’s inspired pairing of silk and cashmere produces a delicate weave that’s as soft as it is beautiful.


In addition to being constructed of only the best materials, Marcoliani Milano socks also boast elasticized cuffs, a conical structure, and hand-linked toes, all considered hallmarks of a well-designed and executed quality sock.  The controlled tension in the cuff and the sock’s cone-like shape keep socks snuggly in place, as opposed to allowing them to slip uncomfortably down your calf, pooling in an ungainly pile of folds around your ankle – or worse yet, in a lumpy wad underneath your arch.  And hand-linked toes – expertly knit together with a single thread – produce a seam that is virtually invisible to the eye and to the touch!


The appeal of the Marcoliani Milano brand, however, is not solely dependent on form and function. Marcoliani Milano socks are a treat for the eyes as well. Available in a plethora of distinctive designs, ranging from playful and energetic to elegant and worldly, this versatile brand speaks to every man’s sartorial preferences. Whether your taste in fashion leans toward the creative, experimental, eccentric, ironic or something else entirely, chances are you’ll appreciate Marcoliani Milano’s unusual patterns and surprising color combinations. And you won’t be the only one to sit up and take notice. Whether it’s your newfound sense of style or the recently acquired spring in your step, heads are sure to turn whenever you don a pair of Marcoliani Milano men’s socks.


Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself. Italy’s best is just a click away. Peruse Marcoliani Milano’s collection of men’s luxury socks at and order a pair today. But remember, when you try them on for the first time, close your eyes. You won’t actually be strolling through an Italian piazza, but you’ll feel like you are – and that’s all that really matters.


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