Hey, is that a “murse” you’re carrying?

Hey, is that a “murse” you’re carrying?

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If you’re the type of guy who wouldn’t hesitate to answer “yes,” then you probably enjoy being at the forefront of men’s fashion. If, on the other hand, you find the idea of toting a “man purse” around town a bit unnerving, you probably prefer thinking of your new leather carryall as simply a modern take on your father’s old briefcase. Either way, you’re in good company. Classically inspired rucksacks, satchels, messenger bags, and briefcases for men are all the rave in today’s metropolises  –  both for new, as well as seasoned, professionals.


Every man should have at least one, and preferably more than one, quality leather bag in his closet. After all, the days of being able to fit everything you need in your pants’ pockets are long gone. In addition to routinely carrying wallets, keys, and sunglasses, most men don’t venture far without their cell phones, iPads, or laptops. And expecting your significant other to do the heavy lifting for you is definitely not cool. At Epic Mens, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Boconi fine leather bags. Check out the many available styles below. One (or more) might be just what you need to stay connected and organized all day long.


Modern, Soft-Sided Briefcases for Men

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With their slim silhouette and sleek styling, Boconi’s soft-sided Italian leather briefcases and portfolios offer a simple, no-frills way to conveniently carry your 15” or 17” laptop, while also providing quick access to hidden stash pockets and organization panels specially sized to hold your phone, keys, wallet, writing utensils and other daily necessities. Padded sleeves and durable nylon zippers keep your electronics safe and secure. And adjustable padded shoulder straps allow you to easily sling the lightweight case over one shoulder or wrap it around yourself like a messenger bag. Or, simply detach the shoulder strap and comfortably grip your Boconi brief by the flexible, grab-and-go handles on top. Lastly, Boconi briefs are available in a variety of earthy hues, including coffee, antique mahogany, whiskey, and black, so you can color-coordinate your leather accessories for a sharp, cohesive look.

Classic Messenger Bags for Men

Photos:  www.epicmens.com


If you’re actually more of a traditionalist at heart, however, you might want to consider adding one of Boconi’s Dispatch, Broker, or Saddle Bags to your wardrobe. Domed tops, signature flaps, and tuck-lock antique buckles are reminiscent of a 19th century office replete with dark wood paneling, leather arm chairs, and fedora-filled hatracks. Crafted in richly colored, soft vintage leathers with sturdy canvas interiors, these versatile messenger bags for men deliver old-world appeal without sacrificing modern necessities, such as padded laptop sleeves, organizer panels, key clips, RFID protected pockets, detachable shoulder straps, and outer pockets that can be unzipped to easily slide over the handle of a luggage cart. Even Indiana Jones with his well-worn, trademark canvas satchel never had it so good.


Practical, Professional Backpacks for Men


Photos:  www.epicmens.com


Or maybe you prefer the convenience of a backpack, but also want something a tad more sophisticated than a typical school bookbag. If so, Boconi’s iconic rucksack or one of their all-leather backpacks might be just the ticket. Padded sleeves keep laptops, iPads and tablets safe, while elastic pockets and interior organizers make it easy to keep track of everything from your iPod/MP3, ear-buds, calculator and headphones to your wallet, pens and pencils, cell phone and business cards. Additionally, breathable mesh back panels, along with ergonomic shoulder straps and easy-grip cargo handles, reduce the pressure on your back and shoulders. And finally, sturdy feet affixed to the bottom of the packs keep the bags free from scuffs and scrapes. Whether you walk, bike or ride to work, you’ll find that these multi-purpose packs make trekking back and forth to the office a breeze. And they look great too!


So if you’re tired of wrestling with bulging pockets and armfuls of loose stuff, maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe, it’s time to step up and boldly embrace the concept of a man-bag. Staying relevant in the world of men’s fashion takes effort -  and a little courage – but the results are worth it. After all, smart dressers are called “smart” for a reason.



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