Travel tips for men on the go

Travel tips for men on the go

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Time to hit the road for some well-deserved R&R. There’s only one chore standing between you and your weekend of bliss. Somehow, you have to fit three days of casual and evening wear – including toiletries - into a 22-inch travel bag, compact enough to fit in an overhead bin and light enough to sling over your shoulder as you battle your way through all the other weekend warriors racing to get  out of town. Feeling anxious? Not to worry. Packing is actually more of a science than an art. Just follow the simple tips below, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

  • Resist the urge to overpack. Choose a color scheme for your weekend wardrobe and pack only interchangeable pieces that fit the bill, for instance, gray and maroon, black and white, or tan and navy. Plan to wear layers and avoid bringing any item that you ’re likely to wear only once. Instead, try wearing that V-neck sweater you love so much over a T-shirt during the day and over a button down shirt and tie at night.
  • Organize your belongings. Make a mental list of what you’ll need, and then create neat piles of related items: underclothes, casual pants and shirts, dress pants and shirts, accessories (tie, belt, sunglasses, watch), athletic wear, outerwear, and shoes and socks. If flying, travel-size toiletries and medications should be packed in a see-through, quart- or liter-sized sealable bag. Likewise, all electronics, including battery chargers and power cords, should be stowed together in a separate personal carry-on. Last but not least, check to be sure you have your essentials:  wallet, passport, boarding pass, itinerary, and electronics.  One particularly smart tip is to tuck a copy of your passport away in a second carry-on or on your person – just in case you want to leave the original behind in a hotel safe while you enjoy an afternoon of scuba diving, parasailing or just sunbathing by the pool. When traveling, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Lighten the load. Luggage selection is key. Make sure you’ve chosen a lightweight bag (under 10 lbs) or better yet, an ultralight bag (under 7 lbs) that offers some structure. And where you can, substitute apparel made from lighter-weight fabrics like silk, nylon, polyester or microfibers. Wear heavier outer jackets and shoes and pack lighter options. To be sure you’ve grabbed everything you need and have rejected all extraneous items, run through the weekend’s activities in your mind. If you’re missing a necessity, add it. But if you spot something that’s redundant or questionnable, jettison it immediately. Don’t hem and haw or second guess yourself. Remember, you’re the one who has to haul this bag through security, from one terminal to another, past 20-odd gates and then hoist it in and out of the overhead bin. Every ounce of weight avoided translates to one less ache or pain down the road.
  • Layer, roll, and stuff. To move through security quickly, it’s best to pack in layers: heavy items like shoes on the bottom, casual clothes in the center, and dress items laid out on top and folded to the full width of the bag. Layering your finer clothes on top and removing and hanging them promptly when you arrive at your destination will lessen the number of wrinkles you’ll have to deal with later on. Meanwhile, T-shirts, jeans, shorts, and athletic wear can be rolled tightly, rather than folded. Rolling not only takes up less space, it also prevents excessive wrinkling. Underwear, socks, belts – and even neckties – should be neatly rolled and stuffed inside shoes or any other empty pockets or corners. For the weekend traveler, space is always at a premium, so it’s important to use it wisely.

Fortunately, packing efficiently and effectively isn’t quite as challenging as tackling your kid’s Rubik’s Cube or setting up your new universal remote, but doing it right does require a strategy. The next time you find yourself staring into the gaping hole of an empty travel bag, give our quick and easy packing tips a try. You’ll be surprised at how much time and grief can be saved with just a modicum of organization and forethought.


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