Cufflinks do More than Hold Cuffs Together

Cufflinks do More than Hold Cuffs Together

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Although relatively small in size, the right pair of cufflinks can make a big statement about the man wearing them. Both practical and fashionable, cufflinks have been an essential element of men’s wardrobes for centuries. It’s hard to believe, but true. In fact, your great, great grandfather might have had a pair or two.

You may be wondering exactly when cufflinks showed up on the fashion radar screen. The answer is the 16th century. The earliest cufflinks were actually pieces of string used to hold a man’s shirt cuff together. Later, in 17th century Europe, the string was replaced by lace and ribbons, which remained popular for a few more hundred years.

Cufflinks took another leap forward in the 18th century when “sleeve buttons” were introduced. For the most part, sleeve buttons were small, glass buttons on gold and silver chains. In the mid-1700s, the concept of cufflinks changed again. While the chain remained, the glass button evolved into a more decorative shirtsleeve embellishment. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century when men began wearing jewelry other than wedding bands that the popularity of wearing cufflinks as a fashion statement really began to take off.

At first, cufflinks were generally worn to special events or on formal occasions. In fact, they have long been considered a traditional wedding day gift given by a groom to his groomsmen. Eventually, though, the use of cufflinks became more widespread and the practical (and stylish) accessories became a standard part of everyday office attire.

Today, weaving your way through department store racks of button-cuff shirts, you might think the cufflink is on its way out. Not true. Cufflinks are still one of those noticeable details that clearly delineate a well-dressed man from the rest of the pack.

Available in a seemingly endless variety of designs, styles, and colors – and made out of every material imaginable, cufflinks are one of the few ways men can express their individuality and unique character. A man’s choice of cufflinks can project an image that is playful and irreverent or sophisticated and refined. Or he can change his links to suit a particular occasion or his changing moods.

If you’re looking for a subtle – or not so subtle – way to stand out in the crowd, take a few minutes to peruse the impressive collection of premium brand cufflinks available here at Epic Mens. Preppy, whimsical, modern, or elegant, there’s never been another accessory so small that says so much.

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