Super Bowl 50 Comes to Levi's Stadium

Super Bowl 50 Comes to Levi's Stadium

Super Bowl 50 is coming to our home turf and like the rest of the Bay Area, we are psyched! On February 7, 68,500 lucky fans will descend upon the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, just minutes from our Epic Mens headquarters. Granted, no one here has actually landed a ticket to the much-heralded event. So we, along with most of America, will be watching from the comfort of our favorite overstuffed armchairs – or barstools – depending on who you ask. But, that’s not stopping us from proudly touting the merits of what we have come to think of as “our” stadium.

Although nothing compares to the real deal, you can take a virtual tour of the venue on the official Super Bowl 50 and Levi’s Stadium websites. There, you will be bombarded with a slew of facts and figures guaranteed to astound and amaze. Named by Sports Business Journal as Sports Facility of the Year in May 2015, the $1.2 billion stadium encompasses 1.85 million square feet of seating, concourses, restaurants, pubs, concessions, museum exhibits, classrooms – and, of course, the field. Whether you’re lucky enough to be watching the action from one of the 165 luxury suites or 8,500 club seats or even just the nosebleed section, you’ll find something to “oooh” and “ahh” about. If you can’t live without instant replays, fantasy football stats, and score updates, you’ll appreciate the 48-feet tall and 200-feet wide high-definition video boards above both end zones and the 2,000 Sony TV screens scattered throughout the stadium and the stadium’s mobile app – which is super accessible because there are Wi-Fi boxes located under every 100 seats, providing five times more capacity than the average in-stadium network! Impressed yet? Wait, there’s more.

According to Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Member Daisy Barringer, along with being the most “technologically advanced professional football stadium” in the United States, Levi’s Stadium (home of the San Francisco 49ers) is also “the greenest” – an important distinction for enterprises seeking to make a home for themselves in environmentally friendly California. With hundreds of solar panels, a 27,000 square foot living roof, and an extensive network of public transportation options, bike paths and pedestrian bridges, Levi’s Stadium is the first such venue to earn a LEED Gold Certification for leadership in energy and environmental design. Additionally, Levi’s Stadium has been applauded for its use of recycled building materials, reclaimed water, and local farm-to-table food suppliers. For those of us who are diehard NFL fans, as well as proponents of the environment, this is good news. We can sit back and enjoy the big game – armed with a platter of sliders, a pitcher of ale and a clear conscience!

The clock is ticking. Whether you’re planning to watch the game in person or on your living room flat screen, it’s time to haul out the BBQs, plan your menu and don your favorite team’s game-day apparel. We certainly are, and we’re not alone.

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At home, in the workplace, and around town, millions of NFL fans are putting their gridiron spirit on display. Regardless of who they’re rooting for, nothing unites Americans more than their insatiable enthusiasm for the game and the teams that play it.
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