Torino Leather Polished Waxhide Harness Leather

$ 85.00
SKU: 54650-40

This is the belt for those who have a more adventurous side. As expected from a company who has been producing quality leather goods for decades, this belt is masterfully-crafted using high quality waxhide harness leather. It is designed with aniline leather lining for that smooth finish and the contrasting blue stitch which gives the belt additional character. For a secure hold, the belt also features double loop keepers and polished nickel finished buckle for that undeniably masculine elegance.

  • Made with high quality polished waxhide harness leather for maximum durability
  • 35MM wide with aniline leather lining for a smooth, luxurious finish
  • Durable rust-proof polished nickel finish buckle
  • Sizing Information: Select belt size 2 inches longer than your pants waist size. If your pants waist
  • Designed and manufactured by Torino Leather Company, the premier US maker of high-quality leather pr
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