Waterman is a French manufacturer of luxury fountain pens with more than 130 years of expertise and experience elevating men’s style through the art of penmanship. Waterman Fountain Pens reflect the genius of the company’s founder Lewis Edson Waterman, the inventor of the first reliable, high-quality fountain pen. Today, Waterman manufactures more than 150 distinct fine writing instruments, including the popular Waterman Hemisphere and Waterman Carene pen designs now available at EpicMens.com. Grouped in eight unique collections, Waterman Fountain Pens, Waterman Ballpoint Pens, and Waterman Rollerball Pens come in a variety of styles, some featuring modern materials, clean lines and surprising angles and others 18 carat solid gold enhancements, deep layers of rich lacquer, and elegant decorative detailing. Waterman Fountain Pens, in particular, are exquisite examples of men’s fashion accessories and objects of sheer beauty meant to inspire the writer in each of us. Don’t leave without taking a moment to browse the collection of Waterman fine writing instruments available at EpicMens.com. We’re certain you’ll like what you see.

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