Smathers & Branson

Going for a preppy look? Smathers & Branson has the men’s fashion accessories you want. Licensed to represent many of the nation’s best collegiate and professional teams, this up-and-coming menswear brand has assembled a group of talented artisans to handcraft a wide selection of quality needlepoint men’s fashion accessories. Smathers & Branson hats, Smathers & Branson belts, and Smathers & Branson key fobs are among a long list of men’s fashion accessories coveted by sports enthusiasts, hobbyists, and adventurers who enjoy thinking and talking about their favorite pastimes. Smathers & Branson designs are stitched onto all sorts of menswear and men’s fashion accessories, for example, polo shirts, flasks, sandals, wallets, cufflinks, and more. And the easily recognizable designs cover every possible theme, including hobbies, holidays, flags and nature scenes, as well as special people, places and events. If you can imagine a particular design, Smathers & Branson most likely has it.

Smathers & Branson
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