Working remotely in Denver means you set the dress code:  Part of our “Young Professionals in the Workplace” Series

Working remotely in Denver means you set the dress code: Part of our “Young Professionals in the Workplace” Series

Photos courtesy of Clarissa Bock (landscape) at and Ryan Kennedy.

Over the years, Epic Mens has devoted a considerable amount of editorial space to bringing you the latest news from our premium menswear brands. Now, we’re turning the tables. We want to hear how you and your fashion-forward brethren across the country are styling both classic and trendier pieces to suit your workday needs. This month, Denver marketing professional Ryan Kennedy let us in on a little secret. If you’re smart enough – and lucky enough – to land a job where you work from home, you can wear whatever you want.

How would you describe the nature of your work and your workplace?

I work out of my house in Colorado Springs. In my last role, I commuted to Denver once or twice a week to visit our Broadway office, which has about 50+ coworkers on site. My current role, however, can be done remotely and includes managing websites, digital marketing, and consulting with small business owners on the importance of promoting customer retention through loyalty and rewards programs.

My home office overlooks my front yard. It’s rather quiet, but I do have the luxury of being able to have the TV or radio playing in the background. In contrast, the Denver office, which houses our inbound sales team and support staff, can be rather noisy – especially in areas where employees congregate to enjoy their downtime, playing ping pong, pinball, and video or board games.

Is there a written (or unwritten) dress code?

My attire at home is very casual. I wear jeans, Dockers, Chinos, shorts, etc. In the Denver office, most people dress in casual or business-casual attire. A handful of people might be pretty grungy and another handful well dressed, but it’s rare to see someone in a suit. 

What’s your typical workday outfit look like?

In the office, I wear clean, leather tennis shoes with straight-leg or boot-cut jeans, a brown leather belt, and either a button-down, long-sleeve shirt or a solid-colored, V-neck T-shirt with a ¼ in. zip-up jacket or pullover. During the warmer summer months, I might wear a collared polo shirt or “dry-fit” type golf collared shirt. I usually have my watch on my left wrist and a bracelet on my right wrist. And above-the-shoulder accessories might include glasses or a beanie in winter. If no hat, then brushed hair is a must.

At home, I wear jeans, pants or basketball shorts with a sweatshirt or V-neck T-shirt, hat, and socks.

How do you handle cold weather challenges?

The weather can change quickly and drastically in Colorado, so I often wear layers and keep a rain coat and umbrella in my car. There are days when I’ll wear long johns or thermals under my casual clothing. I like to layer with sweaters, thick wool jackets or peacoats, etc. When I’m going out in the evening, I might wear a heavy quilted flannel shirt.

Are you a fan of accessorizing? If so, how?

Sunglasses, crazy socks, colorful shoe laces (for dress shoes even), belt/belt buckles, bracelets, watches, rings, pocket squares, suspenders, ties, bow ties, money clip, tie clip….

What do you carry all your stuff in?

I use a conventional laptop backpack with a button-down, throw-over, drawstring top made of a heavy canvas material. I also have a leather portfolio/folder that I often carry. And when I head out to the local coffee shop to work, I carry my laptop in a neoprene sleeve.

When you leave work for the day to head out for dinner or drinks with friends, does what you wore during the day suffice or do you feel like you have to change things up?

I am 100% comfortable going out in whatever I wear to work (unless I’m working from home, then I’ll often change before leaving).

If you had to name two items in your closet that you couldn’t do without, what would they be?

My favorite pair of jeans and my favorite zip-up hoodie.

Conversely, what is the one item of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

Signed jersey, Scottish kilt, my ex’s top. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is fashion in your life? Do you have a particular style?

7.0-7.5, Mountain Surfer, lol. However, what I wear really depends on what I’m doing. For certain activities, I choose practical, specialty items. For example, I have clothes for fishing, for hiking/backpacking, for skiing/boarding, for hunting, etc.

Lastly, who or what influences you the most when it comes to your choice of clothing?

Nordstrom Rack sales; second hand stores; Amazon sales; what I like and what looks good to me; what is comfortable; and what is affordable.

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