Torino Multicolored Italian Leather with Hidden Stretch & Polished Nickel, Tan (54067)

$ 85.00
SKU: 54067-42

As close to perfect as fine leather is, leather always needs a man to wear it well with the confidence and effortlessness that a gentleman is known for. This 35mm (1 3/8") Torino belt stays in style and remains ahead of any current fashion trend. With a hidden elastic stretch band, comfort is at the forefront of Torino’s intentions and concerns for their customers giving you a product that looks its best and feels its best. Torino Leather Company leather belts command attention and elevate the status of any outfit with its luxurious design and exclusive use of high quality materials. Italian leather constructs the Torino belt, giving you confidence that this belt was made for a man like you.

  • Torino Leather Company, a New Orleans based company, creates works of art that is meant to be loved and worn many times around. Each product is hand made in the USA and always crafted with eager and experienced hands making sure your product stands through styles and times
  • Genuine Italian leather has remained synonymous with high quality robustness and luxury status; Torino Leather Co. has created a belt that is infused with these characteristics. Made with woven Italian leather this Torino belt speaks for itself
  • For easy movement and overall comfort, this Torino belt has a hidden elastic stretch band that keeps the sleekness of the belt's aesthetic while making sure it remains fitted and flexible
  • Enclosing the Torino leather belt is a polished nickel finished buckle, keeping the look heightened and polished with an effortless attempt. Let others believe you try your hardest when you let Torino do all the work for you
  • Remaining current in menswear, Torino Leather Company features this belt in 35mm (1 3/8") width, a look that creates effortless style with a nod to minimalism that stands strong in current men's styling
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