Tokens & Icons Collegiate Football Pen - University Of Michigan Stadium Seating

$ 175.00

Twenty-two miles of California redwood bleacher-style seats were installed prior to the 1927 dedication of Michigan Stadium. In 1965, the benches were clad in blue fiberglass to prevent discoloration and further weathering of the wood. During an infrastructural upgrade at the Big House, a limited number of these seats were salvaged by a private party with a 30-year University relationship. On March 9, 2005, they were transported from the stadium grounds to private storage and ultimately to a warehouse about 300 yards from the stadium, where they’ve been preserved since 2010. A limited amount of this redwood bench seating has been entrusted to Tokens & Icons to create unique and tasteful gifts for the Michigan faithful.

  • This pen is crafted from authentic Michigan Stadium seat wood from which fans cheered for decades
  • Measuring 5" long and a slim 7/16" in diameter, this rhodium-plated rollerball pen features the seat wood twice: the barrel is turned from the wood and a disc featuring the surface is set in the top
  • Engraved with stadium name. Measures 6-1/2" and engraved with the stadium name. Ships with rollerball cartridge (Schmidt P8126 or P8127) and can also accept "Parker style" ballpoint refill cartridges
  • Wood removed during 2005 renovation
  • Officially licensed by University of Michigan, each pen comes gift-boxed with a certificate of authenticity
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