Retro 1951 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith, Rollerball Pen, Corsair (VRR-1963)

$ 46.98
SKU: VRR-1963

Originally introduced in 1942, the Corsair is a World War II American fighter aircraft. Retro 51 immortalizes the airplane in pen form with the "Corsair" design Tornado rollerball pen. The metal Tornado pen body is acid-etched and printed with graphics to recreate the aesthetics of the fighter.

  • Acid-etched metal with color printing
  • Polished black-plated trims
  • Knurled twist-top
  • Retro 51 Refill REF5P/REF57P, adaptable to ballpoint conversion using Retro 51 REF71
  • Checkered pattern printed on the top disc
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