Montegrappa Heartwood Walnut Ballpoint pen

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Three versions of the Heartwood pen have been created to represent the range and variety of woods that hold special appeal for the connoisseur and the aesthete. The material is recognized globally as one mastered and elevated by Italian craftspersons. Montegrappa has embodied the gorgeous brown, black or tan hues of various woods in pen caps and barrels fashioned from organic wood materials, accented by brushed bronze-colored trims. Most popular with Italian woodworkers, and found in furnishings, in boats and even musical instruments are woods with distinctive grains and colors. One pen is fashioned of the darkest teak, walnut provides a pen with a nutmeg coloring while pear wood delivers a reddish cast. Offered as fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints, Fortuna Heartwood pens remind us that – even in an age of wireless communications and high-tech materials – handwriting with instruments fashioned from elements provided by nature will always embody the essence of humanity.

  • The modern silhouette holds familiar elements of Italian made Montegrappa pens including the cap top bearing its famous "1912" logo, rolling ring clip, and the high-quality steel nib embellished with the Montegrappa filigree pattern
  • This Montegrappa Heartwood pen is crafted with walnut wood that provides a deep nutmeg coloring, elevating the already organic look and feel of this luxury writing instrument
  • Long-lasting with easy controlled action, this Heartwood series ballpoint pen is the guaranteed right choice that gets the job done elegantly and concisely
  • Accompanying the Heartwood design are accents of brushed bronze-colored trims, heightening the pens aesthetic while keeping close to the organic elements of nature
  • With the purchase of each Heartwood writing instrument, Montegrappa will offer as a gift an exclusive notebook in recycled Woodstock paper
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