Marcoliani Milano Mid Calf Ribbed Dress Sock Extrafine Merino Dress Socks

$ 35.00
SKU: MAR2740T-004

Marcoliani has been manufacturing luxury socks since the 1950s, and today it is still an example of Itelian excellence. Marcoliani socks encapsulate the most authentic ingredients of the Made in Italy: the Italian Style, daily and impeccable elegance that only the products of the Italian luxury ready-to-wear are able to express, and the Italian productive culture, that wise mixture of artisan know-how and technological innovation that only products still produced in Italy have. Marcoliani socks are the result of an almost obsessive search for quality. Our production is based on the innovative interaction between craftsmanship and high-tech. The cuff is made with controlled tension so that socks can fit without being tight; the heel and tip are reinforced with a Nylon thread, while the leg length is the result of the careful study of proportions, so to ensure perfect wearability.

  • Extremely soft and One Size Fits Most (Men Shoe Size 8-11)
  • Reinforced heel and toe for durability
  • Colors remain bright even after numerous washings
  • Machine washable
  • 2-ply twisted yarn
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