David Donahue Men's Silver Plated Brass Dress Shirt Collar Stays-18 Count (CS613800)

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SKU: CS613800

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Helping you keep all your dress shirts crisp, upright, and clean is this David Donahue package of 18 brass collar stays. A best friend to any well put together gentleman, these collar stays range in size for a variety of dress shirt collar fit options. A necessary element in any gentleman's wardrobe, David Donahue gives you the highest quality product for the most affordable price.

  • Keeping your best dress shirts crisp and clean, collar stays combats your wrinkles, leaving you with one less to worry about
  • cCollar stays are constructed from quality brass materials made for multiple uses and wears
  • Included are 18 collar stays ranging in size and lengths each prepared to protect your wardrobe
  • David Donahue leads in variety, style, and design in men's fashion accessories
  • Variety is the spice of life!
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