Brackish Sullivan Pheasant and Partridge Feather Mens Bow Tie (BRK-199)

$ 225.00
SKU: 199-BRK

Sullivan’s Island: there may be no greater muse. While artists can recreate the beauty with their paintings and writers with their perfectly crafted words, this small island north of the Charleston Harbor is effortlessly beautiful. The simplicity and naturalness of this tie may have you reminiscing about that perfect day at the beach, or looking forward to soon-to-be summer afternoons on the warm sand.

  • Making sure each Brackish bow tie is unique to its own aesthetic, no dying was involved in its creation. All colors in each Brackish bow tie are found naturally in the original feathers used, giving you a one of a kind fashion piece made with the individual in mind
  • This Brackish bow tie has elegant hues, all coming together to please the looks of any dapper gentleman
  • Always easy to wear, this luxury bow tie is designed with a fast and adjustable hook closure making sure it takes no more than a brief moment to become a Brackish gentleman
  • A signature to the Brackish brand, this bow tie is luxuriously constructed from the finest natural pheasant and partridge feathers. All feathers used in each design are sustainably sourced, making sure there is no price mother nature has to pay to make us look good
  • As every gift should be, whether it's for yourself or someone else, this bow tie is elegantly placed and packaged in a high quality pine wood box. Something as special as this unique Brackish bow tie deserves the right kind of introduction that speaks for itself
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