Brackish Feather Plum Thicket Pin - Saker (179-BRK)

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Brackish co-founder Ben Ross forages for wild plum thicket branches in the midlands of South Carolina. These limbs must then be cured before they are trimmed and paired with hand selected feathers. This process truly embodies one of our Core Values: Respectfully Repurposing the Beauty of Nature. Our Plum Thicket Pins have been designed to complement any of our signature bow ties, or a stand alone statement on its own. It can be worn as a lapel pin, brooch or hat accent.

  • Thorns from wild plum thickets are foraged, dried, and paired with hand selected feathers by our team of artisans to create a one of a kind statement. Each Brackish Plum Thicket Pin is designed to naturally complement our unique line of bow ties or on its own. They can be worn as a lapel pin, brooch, or hat pin
  • The Saker is made from sustainable pheasant and peacock feathers. Bring on the compliments.
  • Every pin packaged in copper tin over burlap.
  • Makes a unique gift for someone special, or yourself.
  • Pair it with a Brackish handmade feather bow tie for a distinctive formal look.
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