Brackish Feather Cummerbund - Lady Amherst (203-BRK)

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Brackish cummerbunds are a work of art that are completely unique and individual. Brackish repurposes the beauty of nature by recycling feathers into one of a kind cummerbunds. The intricate production process, in which the feathers are individually hand selected, cleaned, paired, and crafted, requires 15 hours to complete. Brackish sustainably sources feathers from all over the United States. When birds molt, they lose their feathers, which are usually thrown out. No birds were harmed for their feathers. Brackish cummerbunds are handmade by a team of artisans in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • We've taken over a 2 years to develop and perfect another classic statement piece: the feather cummerbund. Each piece uses hundreds of feathers and 15 hours of labor right here in our Charleston South Carolina studio. Using a technique similar to our bow ties, feathers are laid down a specific way to adhere to a 4 panel pattern
  • We hand-stitch individual ribbing for a segmented look using a high quality grosgrain cloth and silk linen backing
  • We keep our eye on detail, history, and tradition. Our grosgrain cloth is a perfect combination of durability (does not wear as easily as satin), understated elegance, and an homage to classic tailoring and formal attire. Our grosgrain cloth's texture and matte finish provide another fine and thoughtful detail on this one-of-a kind statement piece for your next formal event
  • Pairs well with a variety of Brackish feather bow tie designs or can be worn on its own. Packaged in a custom made wooden storage box wrapped in natural linen and hand branded.
  • Brackish feather cummerbunds are handmade in Charleston, South Carolina.
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