Brackish Caines Pheasant Partridge and Peacock Feather Plum Thicket Pin(BRK-206)

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A dedication to the extraordinary craftsmanship and creative vision of the Caines brothers. Unbeknownst to them, the wooden duck decoys they began carving in the early 1900’s would later became priceless works of art. The brother’s impeccable eye for detail and skilled approach to wood carving has long inspired our artistry. Not bound by convention - we share their passion for creating original and quality pieces.

  • Making sure each Brackish pin is unique to its own aesthetic, no dying was involved in its creation. All colors in each Brackish pin are found naturally in the original feathers used, giving you a one of a kind fashion piece made with the individual in mind
  • This Brackish pin has mute grey and vivid blue coloring designed to please the looks of any dapper gentleman
  • Closing this elegant accessory is a traditional stick pin that allows multiple wears in multiple places!
  • A signature to the Brackish brand, this pin is luxuriously constructed from the finest natural partridge and peacock feathers. All feathers used in each design are sustainably sourced, making sure there is no price mother nature has to pay to make us look good
  • Brackish gifts each pin in a unique high quality hand stamped tin box
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