Art & Fable, Awakening by Mandy Budan, 1000 Piece Fine Artwork Premium Adult Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 39.95
SKU: 1000.165B

Mandy Budan's landscapes redefine nature through color, shape, and pattern. Ontario's lush greenery inspires her to arrange elements in unconventional ways, revealing hidden beauty.

Founded in 2019 and woman-owned, Art & Fable Puzzle Company is a breath of fresh air in the puzzle industry, providing high-quality puzzles that are not only fun to assemble but also contribute to a good cause. Working with talented artists from all over the world to license their work for use in premium puzzles, Art & Fable is committed to supporting artists. They also believe in giving back to the community. With every puzzle sold, the company donates to a charity or socially responsible foundation. This is a great way for puzzle enthusiasts to make a positive impact with their purchase. The company’s commitment to charitable giving ensures your puzzle hobby is not just about entertainment but also about doing good for the community.

  • Indulge in a puzzle experience like no other with Art & Fable Puzzle Company's premium puzzles coated in a velvety texture that feels like fine suede. Not only does the luxurious "Velvet Touch" coating offer a tactile pleasure, but it also eliminates any distracting glare, allowing colors to be fully absorbed and enhancing the image's sharpness. Every detail of the original fine art is revealed, making for a truly breathtaking puzzle experience that you won't find anywhere else
  • Experience the satisfaction of a perfect fit every time with Art & Fable Puzzle Company's precisely cut jigsaw pieces. Say goodbye to frustrating puzzle dust and hello to a flawless puzzle building experience. This 1000-piece puzzle uses traditional European-Style pieces fit for royalty. And once completed, the puzzle measures 18.9in x 26.7in, providing a beautiful work of art for you to display and admire
  • With every purchase of this puzzle, not only are you gifting yourself or someone special with hours of entertainment, but you are also contributing to a charitable cause. Each puzzle sold supports a designated charity, so you can feel good about your purchase. As an added bonus, the puzzle comes with a high-grade frameable 8.5" x 11.5" print of the artwork, a convenient box-top stand, and a resealable plastic bag to store pieces. Made from recycled materials and manufactured in Europe
  • Get ready to unwind with a touch of luxury with each Art & Fable Puzzle! Their premium jigsaw puzzles are not only designed to challenge your mind, but also foster a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy with family, friends, or fellow puzzle enthusiasts. With Art & Fable Puzzle Company, you're not just buying a puzzle, but investing in priceless moments of joy and relaxation with loved ones
  • At Art & Fable Puzzle Company, they believe fine art should be accessible to everyone. That's why they create premium puzzles that are beautiful, challenging, and promote art appreciation. They collaborate directly with artists to feature their creative work on exceptional quality puzzles and provide them with a platform to reach a wider audience. Join them in their mission to kindle curiosity and ignite enthusiasm for visual art in today's world, one puzzle at a time
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