When Ben Ross told his fiancée he wanted to give his groomsmen menswear gifts made from richly colored Eastern turkey feathers, she had misgivings – plenty of them. But her worries fell by the wayside when the handsomely designed Brackish bow ties and Brackish men’s fashion accessories turned out to be a big hit and the Brackish brand was born. Now, almost 10 years later, Ross and his partner, Jeff Plotner, own a production facility in Charleston, South Carolina, that manufactures a much sought-after line of handcrafted feathered men’s fashion accessories, including Brackish formal bow ties, Brackish pre-tied bow ties, Brackish cummerbunds, and Brackish lapel pins.

In one way or another, Brackish co-founder and head designer Ben Ross has been working with feathers almost all of his life. He began at the tender age of 8 or 9, using feathers to tie flies for fishing and to fletch arrows for hunting and archery. As his skills grew, so did his respect for the outdoors. It’s apparent from the Brackish menswear brand’s desire to “repurpose the beauty of nature” that both partners feel a deep reverence for the plants and wildlife found in the southern state they call home.

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