When is it OK to wear no-show socks for men?

When is it OK to wear no-show socks for men?

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Not every guy can pull off the look of bare ankles and tailored trousers. It’s definitely an aesthetic that requires a particular physical build, a fair amount of fashion know-how, and a healthy ego. But if you’ve got it all – shapely ankles, a flair for style, and the guts to rock a sockless look, then it’s time to invest in several pairs of low-rise, hygienic no-show socks for men. Your feet and your shoes will thank you for it.


First things first though. Before you start cuffing those jeans or hemming those pants, take a few minutes to conduct an unbiased assessment. Would you describe your mankles as “toned, well-muscled and lightly bronzed,” or is “pale, hairy and pudgy” a more apt descriptor? Be brutally honest, even if it means soliciting a second opinion. If the latter set of adjectives is more applicable, don’t bother reading the rest of this article. Instead, treat yourself to a new pair of mid-calf dress socks and avoid the potential embarrassment of revealing too much. However, if you actually do take pride in those few inches of tanned flesh located between your foot and calf, then by all means, read on to learn the ins and outs of how to go sockless and feel confident doing it.


According to men’s fashion writer Stephen Doig, the brave new trend of pairing bare ankles with casual and business ensembles had its genesis on the walkways and terraces of Florence, where it caught the eye of the “hipster brigade.” Today, the exposed male ankle, like so many other Italian style experiments before it, has quickly become the rage among young urbanites. Visit any coastal city or warm-weather metropolis, and you’ll spot them right off – strolling in their cuffed chinos and boat shoes or skinny jeans and loafers. Look a little closer, and you might even spy a true trailblazer sporting a pair of leather brogues with a well-fitted suit. And what will all these male fashionistas have in common? You got it – no socks! Their M.O. is simple:  well-groomed, an eye for style, a bit of a dandy, and a desire to be at the forefront of any new sartorial movement – or, for that matter, any movement. In other words, if a guy walks into your office showing a little ankle between the bottom of his tailored suit pants and the top of his leather dress shoes, chances are he’s no shrinking violet.


Sound like you? If you’re already part of this set or if you’re willing to at least give the sockless look a try, go all in and commit to doing it right. Every time you step out the door “sans socks,” be sure to consider the following advice.


Unless you’re wearing sandals, don’t skip socks entirely

What you need are several pairs of invisible, no-show socks for men. Think men’s no-show socks, aka “men’s footlets” are too girlie, uncomfortable or unnecessary? Think again. The latest scary data point floating around the web is that your feet are home to 250,000 sweat glands, more sweat glands per inch than anywhere else on your body. Trapped sweat often means offensive odors and bothersome diseases, not to mention ruined insoles and the conspicuous squelching sound your heel makes every time it’s sucked back into your sloppy mess of a shoe. Fortunately, a pair of cushy, moisture-wicking, men’s no-show socks will solve this problem easily and keep you comfortable regardless of the temperature.  


Choose your pant-shoe combo carefully

To pull off the sockless look in a business or professional setting, choose tailored clothing, particularly a pant with a tapered leg that ends roughly two inches above the rim of the shoe. This length works for skinny jeans as well.  And skinny jeans pair nicely with loafers, which can be dressed down for casual wear or dressed up for the workplace. Another safe bet for the office is a black or brown leather shoe in a simple brogue or monk strap style. However, the jury is still out on whether it is ever acceptable to flaunt a sockless look in a formal dress shoe, such as an Oxford. If you choose to go this route, beware. You do so at your own peril. Granted, some daring trendsetters may be on board, but most online style experts are giving the idea a clear thumbs down. Regardless of your shoe selection, though, always match the color of your no-show socks to your shoes, so that your secret, invisible socks remain just that – a secret.


For those times when you’re not headed into the office, but rather out for some casual fun with friends, feel free to show a little more skin in a pair of your most comfortable weekender chinos or jeans. Pinroll the cuffs on your straight-leg or slim-cut pants by pinching the excess fabric around your ankle and then rolling (two rolls should give you the length you want without creating too much bulk) and throw on a pair of boat shoes or stylish trainers. Or for a smart casual look, pull out your favorite leather loafers. Layer with a solid tee and leather jacket, button-down shirt and blazer, or polo and pullover. With the exception of formal or business-formal affairs, bare ankle ensembles are well suited for a wide range of occasions, including taking in a movie, grabbing an espresso, visiting the corner pub, or barbequing with pals.  


So, if you like the idea of attracting attention (in a good way), there’s no time like the present to start planning your sockless summer aesthetic, and Epic Mens is here to help. Visit us online to see our quality selection of men’s invisible, no-show socks, which include the latest releases from well-known European labels, such as Marcoliani Milano and Pantherella.  Available in extremely soft, 2 ply twisted Pima cotton and luxurious Egyptian cotton, these men’s footlets are loaded with extras that make a real difference:  reinforced heels and toes; breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics; anti-bacterial finishes; no-slip heel grips; and a durable construction that can stand up to repeated washes. In fact, we can’t imagine anything more you could ever want in a sock. So, if you’re ready to share your ankles with the world, do it in comfort with a pair of surprisingly functional, but invisible, no-show socks for men. As we said earlier, both your feet and your shoes will thank you for it.

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