What does your handwriting say about you?

What does your handwriting say about you?

Illustration from www.handwritinginsights.com.

When was the last time you sent someone a handwritten note? Was it a thank you, an apology, an invitation, or an expression of sadness or joy? Whatever it was, it probably said a whole lot more to the reader than you might have intended. Handwriting, just like body language or speaking tone, is packed with hidden meanings. To find out just what significant insights our penmanship is sharing about us, we turned to the experts at Handwriting Insights. Their information-packed online tutorial provided us with everything we needed, including detailed descriptions and illustrations, to uncover the true nature lurking behind our sunny demeanors. Think you’re brave enough to give it a whirl? Grab a sample of your handwriting and take the test below. (Writing something after you’ve read what we’re about to tell you would be cheating. We know; we tried!) In fact, to keep yourself honest, commit to sharing the results with someone who knows you well and see if he or she concurs with the test’s assessment. Remember, the truth will set you free!

Our personalities are revealed in how we connect, slant, space, and form our cursive letters.



Smooth, cup-shaped curves

Receptive, compliant, warm, empathetic

Prominent, heavy arches

Deliberate, constructive thinker

Pronounced angles

Analytical, tense, self-disciplined, controlling

Thinning or broken strokes

Impatient, neglectful

Letters grow progressively smaller  

Diplomatic, able to step back & evaluate carefully

Sinuous stroke looks like unraveled thread

Evasive, elusive

Left slant

Reserved, non-communicative, defiant

Straight up and down

Self-reliant, independent

Slight right slant

Outgoing, willing

Pronounced right slant

Emotional, garrulous

Uphill writing

Optimistic, ambitious, cheerful

Level writing

Controlled, focused

Downhill writing

Pessimistic, fatigued, depressed

Wide left margin

Forward-looking, socially oriented

Wide right margin

Backward-looking, introspective

Large writing

Doesn’t like to be confined, needs space

Small writing

Reserved, modest, intelligent, focused

Exceptionally tall letters

Abstract thinker, intellectual, philosophical

Exceptionally short letters

Practical, mechanical, short-term thinker

Large lower loops

Extreme physical drive, active, sensual

Long lower loops

Sedentary, lazy


Stoic, simple tastes, gets the job done

Expansive writing (words spread out)

Generous, works best alone, entrepreneurial

Compressed writing (words close together)

Introverted, able to work in small spaces

Even spacing between lines

Clear, thorough, organized

Crowded, touching lines

Confused, unorganized, overly familiar

Consistent spacing between words

Even tempered, socially adjusted

Heavy pressure (paper indented)

Intense, filled with vitality, realistic

Medium pressure

Perceptive, good memory, conservative

Light pressure

Gentle, non-confrontational

Fast writer

Alert, perceptive, flexible, mature, quick thinker

Slow writer

Cautious, precise

Well – what do you think? Test have you pegged? Whatever the outcome, we suggest you do the only thing that makes sense. Embrace the inner you. Grab your favorite pen – the one that looks good, feels good, and makes you believe you’re a poet – and start writing. If you don’t own such an instrument, don’t despair. Epic Mens carries a wide selection of fine pens, including such well-known brands as Parker, Waterman, and Montegrappa. Choose a practical, leak-resistant ballpoint pen for everyday use or an elegant, timeless fountain pen for special occasions. If you can’t decide, play it safe with a rollerball pen that offers the convenience of a ballpoint pen and the stylish line of a fountain pen. You might be saying more than you intend to when you write, but at least you’ll be saying it with flair!

Photo from www.epicmens.com.
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