The Go-To Guide For Men's Wallets

The Go-To Guide For Men's Wallets

Shopping for a new wallet can be a daunting task. Don’t believe us? Just google “Men’s Wallets” and see for yourself how many sites come up. There seems to be an endless stream of options to choose from. The good news, though, is that most are variations on a few standard designs. Familiarizing yourself with basic wallet styles and identifying your own needs before shopping can save you loads of time – and frustration. 

Somewhere out there is the perfect wallet; you just have to visualize it. Begin with a few simple questions. Are your days spent in a formal corner office or in the great outdoors? Do you like to carry cash, coins, and multiple credit and debit cards? Or are you good to go with a couple of neatly folded twenties, a driver’s license and one or two cards? Maybe, you’re a frequent flyer who’s constantly juggling a passport, boarding passes, ID and taxi fares. Or you might be a weekend athlete who needs a wallet that’s secure and water-resistant. Ask yourself what features are most important to you:  convenience, comfort, security, all of the above, or something else entirely. Above all else, a wallet should be functional. If it looks good too – well, that certainly doesn’t hurt.

Check out the list below to see which wallet style best fits your busy lifestyle. And if you find you need more than one, more power to you. Changing things up every once and awhile is a good thing. There’s nothing like a little variety to keep life interesting. 

Trifold wallet

Characterized by three sections that fold over one another, this billfold is perfect for the man who has a lot to carry and organize. When fully open, bills can be tucked away easily and dividers allow for effective segregation of foreign currencies or receipts. Conveniently placed slots, windows, and stash pockets are available to safely stow multiple credit, debit, discount, and identification cards, as well as personal photos. The trifold wallet is the indisputable workhorse of men’s wallets, but its roominess comes with a price. Due to its bulkiness, a trifold wallet is typically carried in a back pocket, and if you’re prone to squirreling away every piece of paper you come across, you could find yourself sitting on an overstuffed and uncomfortable lump. Don’t laugh. Some men have even experienced cracked or bent credit cards and back pains as a result of their lopsided seated posture, not to mention the nuisance of having to deal with perpetually stretched-out, saggy back pockets. 

Bifold wallet

A two-flap bifold wallet is a slimmer version of its trifold cousin. Usually measuring about 3 ½ in. by 4 in., this trim organizer can fit comfortably in either your front or back pants’ pocket without causing an unsightly bulge. The catch, however, is that it’s more difficult to access while sitting and you might need to part with a few of the non-essentials you’ve been carting around: expired discount cards, old membership cards, forgotten business cards – and last, but not least, your wad of crumpled lunch and other sundry receipts. We suspect most of this can be tossed. But if not, now would be a good time to stake out a new storage place – somewhere other than your already crowded wallet. 

Long wallet

A variation on a standard billfold is a long wallet. Meant to be carried in the back pocket of jeans, a long wallet’s height allows easy access to bills, which are stored flat, not folded.  Popular in outdoor professions, long wallets come in a wide selection of exotic leathers and can be embossed or embellished with distinctive designs. Special care should be taken with this option though, as it’s an easy target for pickpockets. To guard against this possibility, long wallets are often fastened to a man’s pants with a chain or leather strap.

A checkbook wallet is another alternative for men who want to be able to store their bills and checks flat. This option is meant to be carried in the inside front pocket of a suit or casual jacket.

Credit card wallet

A credit card wallet is a slim, single- or double-pocket wallet sized to hold just a few folded bills, one or two cards, and your ID. With its sleek silhouette, a credit card wallet can be stored in any pocket and offers you quick, easy access to your cash and bank cards. If you’re a fan of efficiency and you like to travel light, you should give a credit card wallet a try. You might find it’s a great alternative to the bulky wallet that’s been weighing you down for far too long.

Money clip wallet

If you’ve already mastered the art of minimalism and are comfortable carrying only the bare necessities, then a money clip wallet (or front pocket wallet) might be in your future. In its simplest form, a money clip is a solid piece of metal bent in half, allowing 10 to 15 folded bills and 2 to 3 cards to be wedged between the two halves. Some clips are spring loaded or magnetized to enable a more secure hold on your valuables. (Point of caution, however, it’s best to keep your credit/debit cards away from magnetized features, as these added options can distort your cards’ own magnetized strips.) Often thought of as luxury men’s accessories, money clips can be made from a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, carbon, aluminum, titanium, platinum, brass, or on the high-end, silver and gold. For added functionality, some money clips are double-sided or are attached to the back of small credit card wallets. It’s even possible to find metal money clips that double as pocket knives or bottle openers. And at a compact ¾ in. x 2 in., these handy organizers slip easily into any pocket, front or back. 

Passport wallet

Also known as a travel wallet, a passport wallet’s larger size can keep not only your essentials, but also your family’s, organized and accessible. When you’re racing to catch a flight, dodging airport foot traffic, navigating airport security or searching for the right gate, you can take comfort in knowing that your critical travel documents – passport, boarding pass, ID – are safely consolidated in one handy place, along with any cash and credit cards you might need.  And despite the travel wallet’s added length and width, this valuable travel companion is slim enough to fit comfortably in the interior front pocket of your jacket.

Sport wallet

While workplace wallets tend to be made of leather, sports wallets are generally constructed of synthetic materials. Zippers and Velcro fasteners are common additions, designed to keep valuables snugly secured no matter what rough and tumble activities you enjoy pursuing. Water-resistant and waterproof options also are available for underwater adventurers. If you enjoy the active life, a sports wallet is an excellent investment. But we wouldn’t recommend pulling it out during a business luncheon or semi-formal/formal event. These occasions call for a brown or black leather wallet (the darker the leather, the dressier the look) or an attractive money clip, preferably silver or gold plated.

RFID blocking wallet

Electronic data theft is a 21st century reality that’s impossible to protect oneself against entirely. However, an RFID-blocking wallet is a start. The challenge is that credit cards and some forms of identification have embedded radio frequency ID chips, which can transmit data wirelessly when activated. Data thieves armed with RFID skimmers can access your sensitive information from several feet away. An RFID-blocking wallet acts like a shield, blocking digital signals and making it more difficult for thieves to remotely grab your personal data. While not foolproof, RFID-blocking wallets are readily available and definitely worth a try. Choosing one could save you many headaches down the road.


Whatever your personal preferences are, we’re fairly certain there’s a wallet out there somewhere that’s been designed with your needs in mind. And chances are, Epic Mens has it. Visit us online at to take a closer look at our large inventory of men’s wallets. We carry many of the top brands, including Boconi, Hook & Albert, and Tokens & Icons – and shipping is fast and free! Replace that old, worn-out wallet today. Clearing out the clutter in your life can do wonders for your outlook, and your wallet is the perfect place to begin. 

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