Tired of fighting with your boxer briefs? Try Nth Degree’s revolutionary new men’s underwear.

Tired of fighting with your boxer briefs? Try Nth Degree’s revolutionary new men’s underwear.

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Nothing can make your life a living hell more so than struggling 24/7 with poorly made or ill-fitting men’s underwear. Sure, you might save a few bucks buying your unmentionables in a discounted three-pack, but you’ll end up paying in other ways. Chafing, sticking, sweating, pinching, bunching…and these are just the problems we feel comfortable mentioning! If you’re fed up with men’s underwear that’s at best – distracting, and at worst – pure torture, we’ve got a solution for you. And no, it doesn’t involve going commando. Visit us at Epic Mens to join the growing ranks of discerning male shoppers who’ve discovered Nth Degree’s leading-edge men’s underwear and loungewear. Their patented suspension pouch technology and four-way stretch fabrics provide the perfect balance between support and freedom. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting, walking, running, bending, stretching or doing your best impression of a lamppost.  Nth Degree’s men’s boxer briefs move with you because if there’s one thing their designers believe, it’s that “what you’re wearing should never get in the way of what you’re doing.”

Premium materials and construction

Launched in 2016, the Vancouver-based men’s underwear brand has set a new standard in contemporary styling and performance. Even the name itself – Nth Degree – conjures up visions of an effort that has reached a new plateau. The highly technical brand, which consistently prioritizes functionality above all else, offers relaxed- and trim-fit men’s boxer briefs in two premium fabrics, both made from natural fibers:  lightweight Pima Cotton and super-soft Micro Modal. 

There’s a reason Pima Cotton is often referred to as “the King of Cotton.” Its extra-long fibers produce a weave that’s softer, stronger and more durable than shorter-strand cottons. And it can be counted on to resist pilling and to hold onto its shape and luster despite repeated washings and wear. Alternatively, finely knit Micro Modal offers its own set of unique advantages. Made from European beech tree fibers, Micro Modal offers a high degree of elasticity allowing for a wide range of movement, moisture-wicking properties to keep you exceptionally dry and cool – even in warm weather or during exertion, and a superb, silky hand-feel quality that soothes (never irritates) your skin. Add the fact that it’s also shrink-, wrinkle-, and fade-resistant, and you’ve got a real contender. 

However, Nth Degree’s popularity is about much more than just their high-quality performance fabrics. Additional features that set the brand apart include flatlock, made-for-comfort seams, anti-roll waistbands, and seamless back panels.  Most notable though are Nth Degree’s innovative, proven, anti-microbial mesh pouches, which provide much-needed support while also guarding against abrasive skin-to-skin contact. And finally, Nth Degree’s single-layer construction minimizes excess fabric for a slimming, wrinkle-free silhouette – even when worn under straight-leg, trim-fit jeans. We can see why Nth Degree’s star has risen so quickly. Their team of experienced designers understands that when it comes to choosing what we wear closest to our skin, comfort should never be an afterthought; it should always be the first thought. 

A print for every occasion

Nth Degree’s men’s boxer briefs have a job to do – and they do it well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with them too. Craving some attention? Choose a Saffron Polka or Confetti print. Want to play at being tall, dark and mysterious? Grab a Night Owl, Black Geo, or Enchanted design. Daydreaming about a tropical vacation? A Tiger Lilly, Lime Vine or Lagoon print will help keep the dream alive. The list of options goes on and on and on. At last count, MR magazine was reporting 60+ core Nth Degree boxer styles – all aimed at the modern man and his cacophony of everchanging moods. If you don’t feel like talking, don’t. Your Nth Degree men’s boxer briefs will say it all.  

Stock up today

Now’s your chance. Sized S through XXL, Nth Degree men’s boxer briefs are available online and at specialty retailers across North America – virtually anywhere anyone wants to have a serious conversation about long-lasting comfort and performance. Why not begin with us, here at Epic Mens. We’ve selected several of Nth Degree’s best-selling men’s boxer briefs to keep on hand because we know that when it comes to feeling and looking your best, what goes on first is every bit as important as what goes on last. With Nth Degree’s wear-tested performance briefs, you can say goodbye to underwear that is continually sliding down or riding up. Nth Degree briefs mean no more yanking, tugging, smoothing, or adjusting. And best of all, no more wedgies. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste another moment of it worrying about underwear that seems to have a mind of its own. Just pull on a pair of Nth Degree men’s boxer briefs and forget about them. It’ll be the nicest thing you’ve done for yourself in a long, long while.

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