This Valentine’s Day, Dare to Wear Pink


Did you know that pink is the new go-to alternative for white and light blue? It’s true. Once reserved for the fairer sex, the color pink is now playing a prominent role in men’s fashions as well, and women are eating it up. Skeptical? Ask your wife, girlfriend or sister how they would describe the men in the photo above, and you’re likely to hear things like self-assured, sophisticated, playful, humble, and sensitive. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Men who know how to work a wardrobe know that when it comes to menswear, the color pink is “the gift that keeps on giving.”

How to Look Good in Pink

There are four things to keep in mind if you really want to own this look. First, choose the right shade for your skin tone. Second, keep it simple by limiting the color to one or two pieces. Third, start with casual attire, and last but not least, relax, sit back and let this inviting pastel do the talking for you.

Choose the Right Shade

The great thing about pink is that it looks good on everyone. However, given the large number of variants, which can run the gamut from peach to rose to purple and even to gradations of red, settling on the perfect hue can be tricky. The key to choosing wisely is to pick a shade that contrasts nicely with your complexion. Pastels and lighter shades (rose, blush, lilac) flatter dark-skinned men; whereas, deeper tones (watermelon, fuchsia, magenta) are attractive on men with fair skin, especially those who run the risk of appearing washed out when clad in a bright white or pale color.

Keep it Simple

Whatever flavor of pink you choose, use it sparingly for the greatest effect. Pink has long been a popular color for button-up shirts and polos, but now it’s also a fan fav for hats, tees, hoodies and trainers. Best though to choose one statement piece that you’d like to emphasize. And then, if you’re determined to go further, let a bit of pink creep into your accessories as well.

Start with Casual Attire

A navy or dark gray suit paired with a light pink dress shirt can be a killer look, particularly if you throw in a silk tie and/or pocket square with rosy accents. However, it’s also a look that requires quite a bit of panache to pull off – as all eyes will be on you. If you’re a neophyte to the color pink, you might want to dabble in the arena of casual clothing first. Pink is a natural choice for sunny summer days. Look for it in plaid or striped dress shorts worn with fabric ribbon belts, untucked button-up shirts in eye-catching prints, paisley swim trunks, monochrome tees, and even lightweight jackets or windbreakers. Or if cooler weather is calling for long trousers, try topping a pair of straight or slim-fitting chinos or jeans with a pink oxford shirt, polo, or luxury tee. Add a sweater, blazer or sports coat with just a touch of pink woven into the pattern. Or experiment with pastel patterned socks, scarves and caps. Pink is a great complement to a wide variety of colors. Imagine pink polka dots on a navy background or a blend of pink, lavender and gray stripes or a plaid of pink and maroon squares. And don’t forget pink and olive green, another winning combination. The options for incorporating pink into your wardrobe are truly endless. And with a color as versatile as pink, it’s hard to go wrong.

Let a Splash of Color Bring out the Best in You

The color pink speaks volumes about the men who are brave enough to wear it. According to the army of fashion watchers inhabiting the net, men who wear pink are more relaxed, confident and approachable than their peers. In other words, they’re more comfortable in their own skin. And if pink happens to be the color most often associated with women’s causes, well, it just means men who wear it are more empathetic than others. There’s even widespread talk of a textile industry study asserting that men who wear pink earn higher salaries. Sound too good to be true? Maybe, but what if all that’s needed to bring out the best in you is a new pink shirt? Isn’t it at least worth a try?

Life is too short to limit yourself to a palette of just white and blue. This Valentine’s Day, why not dare to be different? Dare yourself to wear pink. It might just be a life-changing experience.

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