The real reason guys love Psycho Bunny men’s apparel

The real reason guys love Psycho Bunny men’s apparel


At first, we thought Psycho Bunny’s widespread appeal might be due to its use of only the finest materials or its superior construction or its meticulous detailing or even the expansive nature of its menswear line, which covers every possible men’s wardrobe essential. But, we quickly discarded all four notions because if we’re being honest, most leading menswear brands can rightfully lay claim to at least one of these competitive advantages. But Psycho Bunny has one thing no other popular menswear brand has. What sets Psycho Bunny apart from the rest of the pack is its intriguing and slightly unsettling ubiquitous logo – not so much because of how it looks, but rather because of how it makes you feel when you’re wearing it.


Sound far-fetched? Might be, but just think about it for a moment. Every day, you dutifully go through the motions, making an effort (maybe even a supersized effort) to follow the rules, meet expectations, keep up appearances – basically, going along to get along. And while you’re saying or doing one thing, you’re thinking to yourself, I’d rather be… Well, we don’t actually know what you’d rather be doing, but that’s the point. Underneath that smooth exterior, there’s a rebel lying in wait. And that’s where Psycho Bunny’s irreverent, somewhat twisted logo comes into play. Whether it’s surreptitiously stitched into your waistband, sedately embroidered on your front pocket or boldly emblazoned on the front of your graphic Tee, the maniacal-looking rabbit skull perched above a set of crossbones lets everyone know there’s more going on here than meets the eye.


Psycho Bunny is the brainchild of British fashion designer Robert Godley and American clothier Robert Goldman, both veterans in the men’s neckwear industry. What began as a napkin sketch penned by Godley has quickly morphed into an internationally recognized insignia, which is rapidly consuming more and more prime real estate on today’s top-of-the-line menswear and fashion accessories. From casual shirts, pants and shorts to scarves, gloves and caps, and even to men’s swimwear, underwear, loungewear, bags and wallets – you never know where the sinister-looking rabbit is going to turn up.


According to fashion writer Katerina Ang’s recent profile of Godley for Moneyish, the Psycho Bunny logo is a modern and somewhat darkly humorous take on 17th century seafaring pirates – those infamous marauders who were all about risk and reward. The description hits the mark as Psycho Bunny’s target audience is made up of independent-minded, action-oriented go-getters. And it appears, Godley is no stranger to risk himself.  After a long, successful career designing men’s neckwear for several well-known British heritage brands and a short, not-so-successful stint with Polo Ralph Lauren in New York, Godley teamed up with his now business partner Goldman to launch their own line of neckties under the Psycho Bunny label. That was in 2005. The quirky club ties quickly developed a loyal following, and soon after, the partners added a line of polo shirts to capitalize on the trend in men’s fashion toward a more casual aesthetic. A decade later, Market Wire reported that the New York-based brand was looking to build on its steady, organic growth by teaming up with powerhouse Genius Brand International in a bid to expand the Psycho Bunny brand into several new product categories and territories. The search was on for licensees with premium menswear products, prestigious distribution channels, and impeccable reputations. Based on the brand’s current worldwide appeal, it’s evident the bold move has paid off. Psycho Bunny’s wide range of luxury men’s wardrobe essentials is now available in major department stores, including Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, as well as in specialty boutiques and online sites across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


At Epic Mens, we’re proud to be able to offer a large selection of Psycho Bunny’s best-selling sportswear items to discerning online shoppers. We’ve seen firsthand how this distinctive lifestyle collection combines exquisite British tailoring with bold American designs to transform classic polos, Tees, sports shirts, hoodies, pants and shorts into trendy must-haves for contemporary males. Functional, attractive, and unbelievably comfortable, Psycho Bunny apparel for men has something for everyone, regardless of whether they’re looking for short sleeves or long sleeves, V necks or crew necks, subdued hues or eye-popping prints, subtle messaging or statement pieces…the options are endless. And because Psycho Bunny’s increasingly popular tops and bottoms are made from 100% Peruvian pima cotton and specially tested polyblends, you can count on them to be quick-drying, shrink-resistant, silky soft to the touch, self-ventilating, and extremely durable, wash after wash.


Whatever you’ve got going on today, tomorrow or next week, dressing the part is always a good idea. But toeing the line doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your individuality. Hang on to a little of that fire by bravely brandishing Psycho Bunny’s unorthodox logo on your waistband or front pocket. You might be surprised at how far a little resistance can take you in your personal quest for glory.
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