Sleek Nautical Lines Inspire Waterman Pen Designs

Sleek Nautical Lines Inspire Waterman Pen Designs

Photos:, Waterman Black Sea Fountain Pen with Gold Trim, available at


Waterman of Paris holds a vaulted position among manufacturers of fine writing instruments. Long recognized for their unparalleled beauty and performance, Waterman fountain pens, Waterman rollerball pens and Waterman ballpoint pens manufactured in France are said to have a “je ne sais quoi” or a “certain something” that is difficult to describe, but sets them apart from all others. Waterman promises that “each pen has its own personality,” with the ability to surprise, astonish, impress and enchant. Whatever that secret quality is, it has helped earn Waterman fountain pens and Waterman’s other fine pens a reputation as being among the most stylish and sophisticated writing instruments in the world.


We’ve come a long way since the first quills and natural inks were used more than a thousand years ago. In his essay “History of the Fountain Pen,” writer Andreas Lambrou asks us to imagine what an improvement the first steel nib, introduced in the mid-1800s, must have been over previous writing utensils, even though the steel nib still only allowed one-to-two lines to be written at a time. Later, stylographic pens, fountain pens that carried their own ink, were introduced; however, the ink flow was unpredictable and spotty. The world would have to wait until 1883 for American Lewis Edson Waterman to invent the first reliable fountain pen with a built-in ink supply. The following year, Waterman would launch the Ideal Pen Company in New York City, eventually renaming the firm the LE WATERMAN Company in 1888. Production of Waterman pens would continue in the United States, Great Britain, and France until after World War II when all manufacturing was consolidated in France.


Over the last century, Waterman engineers, scientists and designers have pioneered many innovations, including built-in ink supplies, glass and plastic ink cartridges, spill- and leak-proof ink-feed systems, retractable mechanisms, and the now ubiquitous pen clip, which men everywhere rely on to keep their favorite fountain pen, rollerball pen or ballpoint pen snug and secure in their shirt breast pockets. Decades of continual product improvements at Waterman, coupled with aggressive marketing, helped spur the fountain pen’s successful transition from a niche product to a mass-marketed consumer product.


Waterman’s most lauded achievements, however, have been in the area of design. Since its inception, Waterman has released close to 500 premium pens. Today, writers who value superior craftsmanship and unfailing reliability can choose among eight distinct Waterman pen collections, each inspired (just as their predecessors were) by a unique artistic perspective: the haute couture fashion houses of Paris, the bold architectural lines of modern cityscapes, the technological ingenuity of the 20th and 21st centuries, or the elliptical curves of futuristic shapes and vessels. Here at Epic Mens, we are proud to carry the Waterman Carѐne Collection’s Black Sea Fountain Pen pictured above. Dipped in a high-gloss black lacquer with a 23k gold clip, this popular pen’s long, smooth lines evoke those of a luxury cruiser slicing effortlessly through the waves. The collection’s name, Carène, means “hull of a ship” in French and is meant to reflect the fluid, graceful way the pen glides across the page.


Guillochage, the etching of intricate, repetitive lines in fine metals, is another design technique featured in some of the pens that are part of the Waterman Carène Collection. Once done by hand, skilled artisans now use industrial lathes to engrave precise interwoven and interlocking lines on fine timepieces, pens, and jewelry. Although handcrafted work is still highly valued, mechanized engraving has allowed for the consistent reproduction of patterns that are even more delicate, precise, and closely spaced. The finely engraved lines visible in the Waterman Carène Collection of fine pens are meant to mirror undulating waves rippling across a broad sea.


If beauty can truly inspire, simply holding a Waterman fountain pen, Waterman rollerball pen or Waterman ballpoint pen will bring out the poet in you. More than just a fine writing tool, a Waterman pen is a men’s fashion accessory that makes a statement about how you see yourself, and more importantly, about how you want others to see you. We invite you to take a closer look at the Waterman fine writing pens now available at If you’re searching for an elegant way to make a lasting first impression, the Waterman Black Sea Fountain Pen or the Waterman Marine Amber Ballpoint Pen might be just what you’re looking for. Pen aficionados (particularly those with a special knowledge of vintage-style pens) will tell you, you can’t go wrong when choosing a Waterman pen. Waterman fountain pens are widely considered the best fountain pens available.

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