Silicon Valley tech workers redefine casual: Part of our “Young Professionals in the Workplace” Series

Silicon Valley tech workers redefine casual: Part of our “Young Professionals in the Workplace” Series

Photo: Courtesy of Adam Blumer.

Over the years, Epic Mens has devoted a considerable amount of editorial space to bringing you the latest news from our premium menswear brands. Now, we’re turning the tables. We want to hear how you and your fashion-forward brethren across the country are styling both classic and trendier pieces to suit your workday needs. This month, we heard from Adam Blumer, a senior optical engineer working in the heart of Silicon Valley where, when it comes to work attire, comfort and personal preferences rule.

How would you describe the nature of your work and your workplace?

My company manufactures action cameras, and as a senior optical engineer, I am responsible for driving lens development all the way through the new product introduction process, from R&D to mass production. My workplace is quiet, but social. Hallway chats are common and are considered a great way to catch up with colleagues. However, if you’re at your desk, head down working, people won’t bother you.

Is there a written (or unwritten) dress code?

If there is a dress code, I’m unaware of it. People wear whatever they feel comfortable in. For some, that’s a dress shirt with slacks; while for others, it’s shorts with flip flops. My company encourages physical fitness by offering free on-site health and wellbeing classes, such as yoga and cross-fit. For this reason, it’s not uncommon to see people wearing workout attire in the office.

What’s your typical workday outfit look like?

I usually wear jeans, a graphic tee and tennis shoes.

How do you handle cold weather challenges?

In cold weather, I wear a heated jacket. The jacket may not look fashionable, but it keeps me comfortable throughout the day. There are three heat settings, so if I’m too cold or too hot, I can easily adjust the temperature.

If you accessorize, do you choose your extras based on function or fashion?

I don’t really choose accessories for function or fashion. On those few occasions when I do wear jewelry, it’s mainly for sentimental reasons.

What do you carry all your stuff in?

I use a backpack that my company gave engineers in recognition of a successful product launch. It’s what just about everyone uses to carry their things.

When you leave work for the day to head out for dinner or drinks with friends, does what you wore during the day suffice or do you change things up?

If I’m going somewhere fancy, I’ll change into a dress- or collared-shirt. Otherwise, I’ll stick to my work attire.

If you had to name two items in your closet that you couldn’t do without, what would they be?

Athletic jeans and sweatshirts.

Conversely, what is the one item of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

Deep V-neck shirts.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is fashion in your life? Do you have a particular style?

I would say 7. I like to feel good about how I look.

Lastly, who or what influences you the most when it comes to your choice of clothing?

Typically, I just go by the fashions on display at the retail outlets where I shop. When I need something in particular, my go-to menswear store is usually Banana Republic.

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