Never Underestimate the Value of a Handwritten Thank You Note

Never Underestimate the Value of a Handwritten Thank You Note

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Do your “Thank You’s” carry the weight they should? If not, maybe you ought to consider expressing your gratitude in writing. Outdated as it sounds, sometimes actually putting pen to paper is the best way to convey your sincerity and make a lasting impression.

Think about it. How many emails, texts, and/or Tweets have you read in the past week, month or year? Hundreds? Thousands? And now ask yourself, how many handwritten notes have you gotten in that same timeframe? One? None? That’s what we thought.

In a 2013 Harvard Business Review article, author and op-ed writer John Coleman convincingly uses U.S. Postal Service data to argue that handwritten notes are more important than ever precisely because they are so rare. According to Coleman, whether you’re expressing gratitude, condolences, or congratulations, taking the time to select stationery, compose your thoughts (without the help of autofill), buy a stamp, and visit a mailbox clearly says “I value this relationship.” Responding in writing to an act of kindness isn’t just common courtesy; it’s an investment in the future.   

So, what’s stopping you? A lack of inspiration? Or a fear that your cursive’s too rusty? If your answer to both is yes, we’ve got an easy fix. Make the decision right now to invest in a high-end luxury pen. It’s that simple. A superbly engineered, perfectly balanced fine writing utensil can bring out the poet in anyone – including you!

At Epic Mens, we have a wide selection of Italian handcrafted Visconti and Montegrappa ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens in stock ready for your perusal. Respectively, these three options deliver convenience, effortless control and timeless appeal. And you’ll be amazed at what each can do to elevate your penmanship:  no more leaking, bleeding, smudging, or skipping. The only thing flowing from these pens are strong fluid lines that’ll add depth and conviction to every word you write. The next time you want to connect with a friend, colleague, or someone you love, do what humans have been doing for thousands of years. Pick up a pen and start writing.

(For a quick analysis of your writing style, be sure to check out our companion piece What Does Your Handwriting Say About You.)
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