Men’s Dress Socks – Selection and Care Tips

Men’s Dress Socks – Selection and Care Tips


Your suit is pressed, shirt freshly laundered, shoes polished – what are you forgetting? Need a hint? It starts with an “S” and rhymes with blocks. Yes - Socks! You know, those rolled-up potato-shaped lumps stuffed in your top drawer. Mark Twain wisely observed that “Clothes make the man,” but actually the saying would be more apropos if it were “Socks make the man.” Think about it. In the ultra-competitive, look-alike, sound-alike, dog-eat-dog frenzied environment we call a workplace, details matter. Socks shouldn’t be a mere afterthought. A well-chosen, well-cared-for pair of dress socks can make you feel as though you’re walking on air, giving you just the boost you need to stay ahead of the pack. 


Of course, if you misjudge the importance of this everyday men’s clothing accessory (for example, try to squeeze by with a bargain-basement option or neglect to follow the proper care instructions), then the opposite also holds true. That pair of socks whose sole purpose should be to put a much-needed bounce in your step can actually turn on you, wreaking havoc with your reputation and self-esteem. Think about it. We’ve all been there. You’ve just settled into that all-important interview, dinner date or business meeting. You go to casually cross your legs. Your pant leg inches up, revealing not the elegant, calf-hugging silk hosiery you thought you had on, but rather – you guessed it – a quitter. Sliding a good two inches down your leg, your traitorous sock has now bunched itself into an uncomfortable lump inside your shoe, and an unsightly and embarrassing layer of wrinkles has begun piling up around your ankle. What do you do? Cough and slowly uncross your legs? Pretend to drop something and give a quick tug? Or sit tight, smile bravely, and hope your other obvious assets compensate for this glaring fashion misstep?


Whatever short-term remedy you decide on, rest assured, that with a little forethought and effort, you can deftly steer clear of such predicaments in the future.  First, commit to buying high-quality dress socks from a recognized and reputable source. At Epic Mens, our men’s sock brand of choice is Pantherella. Widely touted as an authority on footwear for men, Pantherella has been designing and knitting men’s socks in its family-owned factory in Leicester, England, since 1937. At the core of Pantherella’s winning philosophy is an unwavering devotion to only the finest materials, including Merino wool, Egyptian cotton, cashmere, Escorial wool, Sea Island cotton and silk. Pantherella knits have a lustrous sheen and are exceptionally soft to the touch. On a more practical note, their long staple fibers are naturally absorbent, elastic, durable, and resistant to pilling and shrinkage. They may not be the least expensive option available, but Pantherella socks are arguably one of the best fashion investments you can make. With proper care, these luxury men’s dress socks can withstand repeated washings without wearing thin, discoloring or stretching out. According to the company’s care guide, following a few simple rules is all it takes to keep your favorite dress socks in tip-top condition.


Dress Sock Care Tips

  • Use a non-biological, wool-safe detergent for cashmere, wool and wool blends and a color-safe detergent for cottons.
  • Hand wash where indicated (cashmere socks, for example).
  • Turn socks inside-out (except for cashmere) and wash at lowest-temperature possible.
  • Add fabric softener to recondition yarns (except for cashmere).
  • Avoid using bleaches or stain removers.
  • Squeeze gently, reshape, and lay flat to dry.
  • Fold paired socks in half and stack flat or use a drawer organizer to sandwich pairs vertically or roll (but not wad or ball) for better visibility.
  • Group like colors together to avoid color or fiber transfer from one pair to another.
  • Place cedar balls in drawers to deter moths.
  • Match socks to footwear (cashmere should be worn only with light moccasins or soft loafers).
  • Choose a wool/nylon blend, ribbed, or taller sock to avoid sagging.
  • Refrain from walking around in stocking feet.
  • Avoid sharp objects, such as untrimmed toenails, that can cause snags or holes.


Well, what do think? Can you see yourself regularly adhering to these rules? If you’re still on the fence about the whole idea, we suggest starting slowly. Order a pair or two of Pantherella luxury men’s socks from and give it a try. Worst case, you spend a half hour giving yourself a much-needed pedicure and best case, you find a new source of confidence guaranteed to put that spring back in your step. Either way, you and your feet will both come out winners.

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