How to Pick and Play Heritage Musical Spoons!

How to Pick and Play Heritage Musical Spoons!

How to choose the right musical spoon?

Heritage Musical Spoons offers 3 different sizes of spoons; small, medium and large. People often ask which size is the easiest to play with. Here is their answer:

The size of the spoons won't influence how easy it is to play with, either small, medium or large are all equally easy to play. What will change from a spoon to another is their tone and what you can do with them. 

Large spoon 

The large spoon is the most versatile size offered by Heritage Musical Spoons. The flat bottom cavity of the large spoon makes it easy to modulate and change the tones. This design is also the longer one which allows performing faster beats. Shop large spoons here!

Medium spoon


The medium spoon produces a nice low tone. It's the perfect size for adults who wants to start playing the musical spoons as well as for kids from 6 years old. Its design is inspired by 2 traditional spoons joined together. Shop medium spoons here!


Small spoon

The small spoon produces the highest tone of the 3 sizes. This is the entry-level size, it's also recommended for children from 3 to 6 years old. Shop small spoons here!


How to play the musical spoons

Playing this instrument is easy and fun, all it takes is a little bit of practice! First you hold the spoon in your dominant hand, placing your index finger between the two spoons and your thumb on the top spoon. Keeping it firmly in your grasp, you can then take the spoons and hit your legs, knees, and hands which produces a fun folk sound! The basic rhythm starts with taking the spoons and hitting between your leg and hand. Practice makes perfect! Shop Heritage Musical Spoons here!

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