Four reasons to love Save The Duck outerwear

Four reasons to love Save The Duck outerwear

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Millennials have a well-defined M.O., and overt materialism is not a part of it. Rather, they identify themselves as openminded, fun-loving, eco-friendly, fashion-forward globetrotters. These socially and environmentally aware consumers are changing the face of retail – for all of us! In fact, they’re not just rocking the boat, they’re turning it over. Simply having a great product isn’t enough anymore. Today’s trending fashions must be responsibly produced, easy-on-the-body as well as on-the-eyes, and 100% hassle-free. Know of any brands like that? We do. Save The Duck outerwear, now in stock at, fits not just one, but all four, of these must-have criteria, and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages are taking notice.


Save The Duck jackets, coats, and vests are….



Who would have guessed that a company launched in the early 1900s would still be relevant today? As the story goes, the year was 1914, and a young Italian tailor had become interested in fashioning and selling men’s coats made from a unique, water-repellant fabric being worn by English troops fighting in WWI. The tailor’s name was Foresto Bargi, and the company he founded was The Forest Clothing Company. Now known as Forest S.R.L. and headquartered in Milan, Forest S.R.L. is currently run by Foresto’s grandson Nicolas Bargi and is the parent company of the Save The Duck brand.


A successful businessman and industry heavyweight in his own right, the younger Bargi has made it his mission to reinvent the company to address the concerns and preferences of contemporary shoppers. Save The Duck outerwear, introduced in 2012, was his brainchild and is a vigorous nod to the growing number of consumers who are passionate about protecting nature in all its forms – including wildlife, as well as domesticated animals.


Save The Duck’s all-weather jackets and coats are 100% animal free. No feathers, leather, hides or fur are used in their production. In fact, the animal-friendly brand (with its easily recognizable whistling duck logo) has been widely hailed for using a groundbreaking synthetic down that offers a much-needed alternative to the cruel practice of live-plucking or killing geese and ducks for their downy undercoats. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), in particular, has thrown its weight behind the forward-thinking Save The Duck brand, which has garnered multiple awards for its responsible stewardship of our world and all its inhabitants.



The innovative down-like material used in Save The Duck all-weather gear is called PLUMTECH®, an ultralight padding made from recycled polyester that imitates the softness and fluffiness of down, while also retaining down’s thermal insulating qualities. High-density PLUMTECH® fibers trap air, preserving your body’s natural warmth. And at the same time, the tightly packed fibers absorb humidity and disperse excess heat, keeping you dry and comfortable in a wide range of temps.


In conjunction with PLUMTECH® filling, Save The Duck products feature outer shells made of high-performance nylon or nylon/polyester elastic blends that are durable, water- and wind-resistant, and extremely pliable for maximum mobility. Whether you’re strolling through town or slicing through the moguls on your favorite downhill run, a Save The Duck Puffer Jacket will follow the contours of your body, flexing and moving with you. It’s the next best thing to being wrapped in a blanket of warm air. It’s so comfortable, in fact, you may never want to take it off.  



While you might be willing to sacrifice style for function, it’s nice to know you don’t have to. Save The Duck’s smart, edgy designs are in high demand throughout Europe, as well as in the United States, China, Japan and Russia. The increasingly sought-after brand is available at major fashion retailers, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York and Nordstrom, as well as at select high-end online menswear sites, including Epic Mens. Visit us at to see our collection of Save The Duck Polo Neck Puffer Jackets and Vests. The form-fitting, quilted jackets offer a slim silhouette with a sleek zippered front and high neck. Sized S through XXL, Save The Duck jackets and vests are available in stretch and non-stretch options and come in a wide swath of trending colors, ranging from subtle blues, greens and greys to bright jeweled tones. Or play it safe and choose black. It’s dramatic, flattering – and best of all – versatile!   


Easy to pack and care for

No one likes hauling around heavy winter gear, and with Save The Duck outerwear, you don’t have to. Practiced travelers around the globe choose Save The Duck jackets and vests because the ultralight, highly compressible padding can be easily folded and stuffed into a convenient, custom-made, pocket-sized pouch. Just tuck it in a corner of your luggage, duffel or backpack for safekeeping until it’s needed. The outer shell is resistant to moisture, abrasions, and grease, but when cleaning is necessary, simply machine wash in cold water and hang dry. As far as packable outwear options go, it doesn’t get any more convenient than Save The Duck jackets and vests.


There you have it – four great reasons to love Save The Duck all-season jackets and vests. It’s not often you find a brand that has everything you’re looking for, so act fast to begin enjoying your new find as soon as possible. You can’t go wrong wearing something that is ethical, comfortable, stylish and easy to care for!
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