Derek Rose – Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear and Loungewear Ever!

Derek Rose – Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear and Loungewear Ever!

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Men around the world are singing the praises of Derek Rose underwear, lounge pants, and T-shirts, with some even describing the brand’s light touch and fluid lines as the next best thing to wearing nothing at all. Gone are the days when relaxing after a long day at work simply meant removing your jacket and loosening your tie. Whether you spend the hours between 8 am and 6 pm encased in a dark suit and dress shirt or in khakis and a polo, when the workday ends, you expect (and frankly deserve) to wind down in comfort – and we’re not talking about trading in a pair of creased trousers for a stiff pair of jeans. We’re talking about wrapping yourself in premium cottons, cashmeres and silks so luxurious, your body will actually say “ahhh.”  Coupled with a generous, relaxed fit, Derek Rose signature fabrics make you feel like you’re stepping into a second skin rather than into your typical wash-and-wear sweat pants. Soft and roomy enough to sleep in, these mix-and-match lounge pants and T-shirts are also stylish enough to double as everyday casual wear. In fact, they’re perfect for jogging, pick-up basketball, poolside lounging, after-ski relaxing or even that long-haul flight you’ve been dreading. Whatever you do in your off time, you’ll enjoy it more if you’re wearing Derek Rose. 

A Family Endeavor

Based in London, Derek Rose Ltd. is a third-generation, family-run business that’s been manufacturing men’s luxury nightwear for more than half a century. In 2013, Telegraph fashion writer Luke Leitch interviewed Derek Rose and profiled the company’s steady and uncompromising rise to fame. As the story goes, Patriarch Lou Rose (Derek’s father) got his start in 1926 when he introduced a line of high-quality men’s pajamas modeled after the loose-fitting, drawstring trousers and tunics that were popular sleeping attire for British expats living in Asia. According to Leitch, the company retained its position as the best-known producer of top-notch men’s pajamas for decades. But in the 90s, when men’s fashions became less formal and traditional pajama styles began to lose their allure, the company adjusted course as well, introducing a line of men’s quality loungewear. A decade later, in 2010, the company made another prescient move into the lucrative men’s underwear market. After analyzing hundreds of styles from manufacturers around the world, Derek Rose Ltd. and its staff of talented designers stepped into the limelight once more, this time with a newly patented magnetic fly fastener for boxer shorts. No more buttons to fumble with, no more embarrassing underwear malfunctions, and no more hassle. Today, the full line of Derek Rose men’s underwear, which boasts a wide range of different styles, fits, and fabrics, can be found alongside the brand’s loungewear and nightwear in fine department stores and boutiques around the world, as well as in select high-end online sites, such as Epic Mens. 

Now, some 90 years after its inception, Derek Rose Ltd. continues to be a family affair with an unwavering commitment to innovative design, quality construction and great service. Although their products have long been the preferred brand of royals, film stars, and musical legends, their true market is comprised of professional men in the 30+ age bracket who are looking for a certain something the firm refers to in its mission statement as “smart comfort.”  It’s a concept that’s particularly germane to the modern man – a sharp dresser who, in his off-duty time, wants spa-worthy comfort, without having to sacrifice style.

Innovative Designs, Outstanding Craftsmanship and Luxuriant Fabrics

Are you most comfortable in a pajama pant with a straight leg and drawstring closure or a track pant with a tapered leg and ribbed ankle cuff? A long- or short-sleeve T? Crew or V-neck? Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in one of the many Derek Rose loungewear collections. And the same holds true for the brand’s exhaustive underwear line, which includes all possible styles of boxers, briefs and trunks. Available in sizes ranging from small to 3XL, each item is handmade with a laser-like attention to detail that’s evident in features such as fabric-covered elastic waistbands, super-soft neck bands, extra-narrow stitching, minimalistic hemlines, conveniently placed side inset and rear pockets, concealed button and hassle-free magnetic fly fasteners, and subtle, unobtrusive labeling.

The range of designs and quality construction associated with the Derek Rose brand is enough to hook most buyers, but the real story is the fabrics:  lightweight, breezy cottons; flattering, stretch jerseys; plush velour and flannels; elegant silks and satins; and luxuriant Italian cashmere. Available in a wide range of colors and prints, all Derek Rose fabrics are designed in house. Colors run the gamut from neutral, easily matched shades to bright jewel tones, while unique, intricate prints call to mind scenes from the family’s extensive travels throughout India and Africa. From lightweight, warm-weather alternatives to heavier (but never bulky) winter favorites, Derek Rose fabrics are changing the way the industry defines “comfort.” Particularly popular is the brand’s highly technical micro modal stretch blend, an ultra-soft, non-pilling shrink-resistant fabric that retains its shape and color even after multiple days of wear and machine washes. Moreover, the fibers’ thermostatic properties react to changes in temperature, which in turn, helps regulate your body heat so you can keep humming along comfortably in all sorts of weather. And environmentally conscious consumers can take heart knowing the fabric is made from sustainably forested European beech trees using a carbon neutral process. Looking good is laudable, but looking good and protecting the environment – well that’s worth crowing about.

Still not convinced? Take a few minutes to check out the many Derek Rose online product reviews or pick up a copy of your favorite men’s rag. This international brand is heavily featured on the pages of In Style, GQ, ELLE MEN, Esquire, Gentlemen’s Journal and just about every notable men’s publication you might come across. Of course, we can’t promise you’ll turn as many heads as Kit Harington, Tom Hardy, Ethan Hawke or other celebrities who’ve been photographed wearing Derek Rose loungewear, but it’ll be a close call. This is one time it makes sense to jump on the “what’s trending in men’s fashion” bandwagon. And when you do decide to order your first (or second or third) piece of Derek Rose loungewear, visit us at Epic Mens. We’re proud to carry a wide selection of Derek Rose lounge pants, T-shirts and underwear. Ordering is quick and easy, and shipping is free. Try it today. One quick stop at, and you’ll be relaxing in style in no time at all.
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