Authentic Batik Shirts from Pete Huntington of Bali

Authentic Batik Shirts from Pete Huntington of Bali


Do you sometimes feel invisible? With 7 billion people wandering around the world (and ostensibly half of them male), it’s easy to understand why. Even in the locales you frequent most often – your workplace, favorite hangouts, the supermarket – it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. And if we’re being truly honest, your standard-issue white button-down shirt and ultra-conservative navy polo probably aren’t helping matters. Fortunately, however, “conventional” and “safe” aren’t the only shows in town. If you’re really ready to turn heads with a bold new look, we can help. Visit us today at Epic Mens to check out our exciting new line of batik shirts from Pete Huntington. No two of these island-inspired prints are exactly alike. In fact, each and every handcrafted shirt in the Pete Huntington menswear collection is one-of-a-kind – just like you.


Founded in 2016 by longtime textile and apparel guru Peter Cho, this refreshing young California brand has managed to inject a small taste of Indonesia’s tropical ambience into the western fashion scene. Pete Huntington’s highly skilled Balinese artisans use a time-honored process to create intricate linear patterns inspired by the natural wonders found in and around the beautiful island of Bali. Batik is a centuries-old process that uses wax and dyes to produce unique arrangements of shapes and colors, which are emblematic of a rich cultural heritage steeped in creativity and spirituality. Historically, the highly stylized images of plants, animals, and people were symbols of social status, community, and gender. Particular patterns were often reserved for royals or as a means of commemorating important life events and rites of passage. 


Batik textiles are believed to have originated in Africa. Brought to Java by early adventurers and traders in the 12th century, the time-consuming and labor-intensive craft has been passed down from one generation to the next. The name “batik” is actually derived from two Javanese words meaning “to dot” or “to stipple” and “to dye by tying.” Patterns are drawn on fabric with wax. The cloth is then dyed and boiled. As the wax melts away, the pattern emerges. Finally, the cloth is sun dried in the open air. Repeating the process can yield elaborate multi-colored designs. Today, Pete Huntington artisans are creating their own modern, fresh take on this long-established practice by using molded copper stamps to hand block new, more contemporary fashion-forward prints.


Individuality is a hallmark of Pete Huntington apparel, and the up-and-coming lifestyle brand has amassed a loyal following based on the notion that every man is unique. With all their natural variations and distinctive characteristics, Pete Huntington’s ready-to-wear woven and knit shirts have become a hit in retail outlets across the nation. Among our favorite button-down, long sleeve options are the brand’s classic 100% premium cotton dobby men’s dress shirts. Dobby fabric is characterized by very small, very subtle woven geometric patterns, which add texture and dimensionality to a garment. Pre-shrunk and pre-washed for exceptional softness and comfort, Pete Huntington dress and casual shirts feature signature, laser-engraved two-tone buttons, stylish contrast trim and stitching, neat front plackets, and left chest pockets that align perfectly with background prints. Easy to wear and easy to care for, these breezy, hand-dyed batik shirts are a great way to express your personal style.


Get ready though. If you’re wearing Pete Huntington, your days of anonymity will soon be over. Wherever you go, regardless of whether you’re mingling in a small group or maneuvering through a huge throng, all eyes will be on you.
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