Upscale Brand Delivers Impeccable Style and Elegance

Upscale Brand Delivers Impeccable Style and Elegance

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If you recognize the value of metal collar stays, appreciate the look and feel of fine long staple cotton and know which style of cuff is the perfect accoutrement for which occasion, then you probably know the name David Donahue. A long-time staple of upscale retailers, such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale’s, this iconic menswear and men’s fashion accessories brand is now available through Epic Mens as well. Epic Mens features a wide assortment of David Donahue Ties, David Donahue Cufflinks, David Donahue Cummerbunds to and David Donahue Shirts

Known for impeccable style and elegance, David Donahue menswear and men’s fashion accessories represent the culmination of more than 40 years of sartorial taste and finesse. Epic Mens recently had the opportunity to learn more about the history of this legendary brand, beginning with its 1972 launch in New York City. The David Donahue brand bears the blended name of its two original partners (David and Donohue) and is still owned by the Donohue family today. Its trademark signature and logo were created when a painter arrived to stencil a name on the glass door of the fledgling business. Having no graphic design prepared, one of the partners quickly combined both partners’ names into a single signature, changing the “o” in Donohue to an “a” along the way. Today, the hastily conceived trademark is recognized the world over for its exceptional quality, discernable value, and commitment to service. What began four decades ago as an exclusive private label or retailer source for cufflinks, stud sets, money clips and key rings has now grown into its own powerhouse brand with a wide breadth of menswear products, including David Donahue dress shirts, David Donahue neckwear, and David Donahue formal furnishings that encompass bow ties, cummerbunds, formal ties, and vests. The newest menswear additions to the David Donahue brand include woven sport shirts, as well as tailored sport coats, suits, and tuxedos – all of which feature a French facing interior with Columbian stitching and the signature David Donahue lining that promises comfort, breathability, and timeless style.

Synonymous with luxury and sophistication, the David Donahue menswear brand is backed by a team that prides itself on combining the finest materials and superior construction with exceptional service. Fabricated from sterling silver, 14K gold, semi-precious stones, English and Italian silks, and the finest long staple cotton, many of David Donahue’s men’s fashion product accessory lines are handcrafted and all are made with meticulous attention to detail. “We are among the best in the business at delivering accessible luxury to discerning customers,” asserts current company president, Robert Donohue. From the brand’s widespread popularity, it is evident David Donahue customers appreciate the menswear line's finer points, whether it is a special finishing process that reduces pilling and wrinkles; a slip stitch that holds a tie together and allows it to return to its natural shape after wear, or a carefully chosen lining quality and weight guaranteed to ensure a consistent knot.

In addition to unsurpassed quality, Donohue insists that every sale is personal. “Our word is your guarantee,” he explains. “If we make a promise, we keep it.” No one who has ever encountered this salesman-turned-president of a well-respected gentlemen’s brand would ever doubt his word. In fact, in 2003 when production of the formal wear line was unable to keep up with demand, Donohue personally scoured the garment district, fabrics in hand, searching for ways to meet his customers’ needs.

Today, a dozen years later, Robert Donohue and team continue to focus solely on helping their customers succeed – with taste, with style, and with passion.

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