34 Heritage Combines the Look of Jeans with the Comfort of Trousers

34 Heritage Combines the Look of Jeans with the Comfort of Trousers

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We all love the look of jeans, but do we love the way they feel? If the brand is 34 Heritage, then the answer is yes, we do! This highly praised top-grade denim label has found a way to deliver superior comfort, without sacrificing style and fit. No more uncomfortable pinching, binding, and chafing. When you pull on a pair of 34 Heritage jeans, you can breathe easy knowing you’ll look and feel your best all day long and well into the night. The secret to the brand’s international appeal is that it skillfully combines soft, stretch denim with a variety of cuts and sizes – one for every possible body type. But don’t take our word for it. Visit www.epicmens.com and see for yourself. Better yet, order a pair of 34 Heritage jeans today and give them a test drive. Once you do, you’ll never want to wear anything else.


You probably already know that the sturdy cotton twill fabric we call denim is a leading segment of the fashion industry, but it might surprise you to discover that much of the segment’s growth is being driven by overseas producers whose luxury denim lines are characterized by a dedication to European tradition and old-world craftsmanship. 34 Heritage is one of those lines.  Lauded by the fashion press, this relative newcomer’s rise to fame has been well-documented. 34 Heritage was launched in 2011 in collaboration with Mavi Jeans, an established powerhouse in the industry that can trace its own roots back more than half a century to a small shop in the heart of Istanbul, whose address was (not coincidentally) #34. What sets 34 Heritage apart is that this innovative Turkish brand caters to men of all ages – and in particular to mature men – by combining the contemporary, edgy look of designer jeans with the comfort of roomier, more lightweight trousers. The flattering cut of 34 Heritage jeans make them ideal for discerning professionals interested in finding sharp-looking alternatives to their usual workday suits. Priced from $129 to $205 and sold through leading men’s clothing boutiques, large department stores and high-end online retailers, these versatile five-pocket jeans are perfect for a casual day at the office, a relaxed evening out, or that special weekend junket where unrestrained movement and carefree dressing are absolute musts.


The remarkable pliancy of 34 Heritage denim stems from the fusion of premium Turkish cotton with elastane, a breakthrough component in stretch technology that endows sturdy, wear-resistant fabrics like denim with a surprising degree of elasticity. Say goodbye to baggy knees and saggy bottoms. Whether you’re sitting, walking, bending or even squatting, 34 Heritage jeans move with you, yet quickly revert to their original shape and form once you’re standing again. If you prefer an even softer feel, try a pair of 34 Heritage cashmere denim jeans, which are hand-finished to produce a cashmere-like smooth velvety nap and gentle draping effect. Despite its luxurious feel, 34 Heritage denim is easy to care for and maintain, and it is available in both light and dark washes ranging from sky to indigo to coal to midnight.


The quality of the fabric, however, is only half the story. The other half is the fit. You don’t have to be a perfect size 32x32 to look and feel great in a pair of 34 Heritage jeans. By offering waist sizes up to 50” and multiple inseam sizes from 30” to 36”, 34 Heritage has earned a reputation for providing exceptional comfort and fit designed with a wide range of male physiques in mind.


Charisma is a “classic” fit with a high-rise waist and a relaxed straight leg that allows for natural, unconstrained movement, without the sloppy look and feel of excess material. 


Courage is a “contemporary” fit with a mid-rise waist and a straight leg (slightly tapered from the knee down) that offers both freedom of movement and an avant-garde aesthetic.


Cool is a “slim” fit with a mid-rise waist and a tapered straight leg – perfect for a man with an athletic, trim build who’s not afraid to step into the fashion spotlight.


The designers at 34 Heritage clearly believe you don’t have to sacrifice eye appeal for comfort, and in fact, they’re quick to offer up several easy styling tips in their instructive Spotlight blog series. Wearing denim to work? Top a pair of classic 34 Heritage Charisma jeans with your favorite knitwear or a sleek blazer, and finish the look off with wingtip Oxfords for a confident, dapper vibe. Or slip on a pair of sporty 34 Heritage Courage jeans, a white button-down shirt (untucked), and comfy leather boat shoes for a last-minute getaway. No time for a vacation? Then settle for a night on the town in a pair of 34 Heritage Cool slim-fit jeans. Choose a darker wash and accessorize with a fitted jacket, patterned socks, and bold tie. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, 34 Heritage jeans are a solid choice for almost any occasion – work or play.


Since its inception, 34 Heritage has developed a loyal following of discerning male shoppers. They may not be the same age or build, but they all have active lifestyles and impeccable taste. If you value comfort, but are also passionate about cultivating a refined, sophisticated image – at home and in the office – then 34 Heritage might be just the denim brand for you. We’ve been told it’s a modern jean for a modern man. What do you think? Could you be that man?

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