2UNDR Underwear: Optimal Performance - In Your Pants

2UNDR Underwear: Optimal Performance - In Your Pants

There is nothing more distracting than having to tug and contort your body in a pair of awfully drab underwear. The constant attention to your goods takes away from your productivity and confidence. Why put yourself through that when there are products like 2UNDR performance underwear out on the market.

The brand started with a simple vision; to supply a high performing athletic underwear, made to be worn everyday. To accomplish their vision, they combined the most advanced construction techniques and materials in their products. They designed the underwear to separate "the goods" from the body to get rid of the experience of unwanted skin-on-skin contact. 

The star of the show, aside from the no drip tip technology explained by a hydrophobic membrane in the fabric that quickly disperses unwanted moisture and the roll-resistant waistbands and the flat-locked stitching and construction seams that avoid potential rub zones, is their patented "Joey Pouch". The purpose of the Joey Pouch's construction is to provide extra, non-irritating support to your equipment. The design is simple; it comfortably lifts and separates, completely removing unwanted skin contact from the equation. Not only that, but it also delivers improved air flow that is a miracle on hot days or when exerting extra energy. 

At Epic Mens you can find a great selection of 2UNDR products, find the pair that suits you and your family jewels.

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